A traditional Japanese sport that dates back to ancient times. There are six tournaments held each year, each lasting for 15 days. The tournaments are held in: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. All wrestlers live and train in dormitory gyms called stables, managed by other former wrestlers. You can visit the stable at times there are not tournaments.

Grand Sumo Tournament dates
Watch Sumo Wrestler Morning Training

Special Dojo in Okinawa

Martial Arts

For information about karate, aikido, judo, kendo and kyudo download the JNTO Traditional Sports guide (PDF). SamuraiTrip provide three unique experiences tailored to kendo fans: (1) Kendo experience: work with an English-speaking blackbelt kendo instructor to learn the basic etiquette and armour of kendo and participate in a tournament-style combat game, (2) Kendo armour factory tour: an introduction to samurai and kendo, followed by an armour crafting demonstration and Q&A with a master craftsman, (3) Meal at a kendo restaurant: sample the "Special Samurai Meal" in a dojo atmosphere at Japan's only kendo-themed izakaya. Read more about the experiences on SamuraiTrip's website: