Surfing may be the last thing you would think to do in Japan. You will find plenty of waves without having to travel too far. Kujukuri-hama beach is in Tokyo’s neighbouring, Chiba prefecture and is a rare 66km kilometre coastline.

The lack of reefs make for some consistent and powerful beach breaks. Kamakura in Kanagawa is another beach also close to Tokyo and is quite popular due to its accessibility.

Okinawa is a chain of 160 islands scattered between Kyushu and Taiwan. The subtropical climate brings warmer weather and makes Okinawa the perfect place to enjoy many water sports, including surfing.
Not as far away is Kochi prefecture, in the south of Shikoku Island. Kochi is well-known for its sandy beaches and powerful waves. Most of the best surfing spots can be accessed by driving along Route 55.
Miyazaki prefecture spans the east coast of Kyushu Island, and is home to quite a few good surfing spots. Follow the Nichinan coastline to the south of Miyazaki city or head north to Hyuga and Nobeoka.