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When you think of Japan, what comes to mind? Perhaps its visions of Lost in Translation, or images of Godzilla. Either way, you'll likely picture a big city.

Japan doesn't disappoint on the city front, and is home to the largest capital city in the world. Millions of people pass through Tokyo's major train stations each day, and yet the city keeps on running, peacefully and on time.

One thing that may surprise you when you come to Japan is the fact that its major cities feel so safe. Japan is a notoriously safe country, and even in the midst of buzzing areas such as Shinjuku in central Tokyo, you'll find that there is a sense of security everywhere, with police 'boxes' on many corners in case anybody needs help.

You'll also likely be surprised by the convenience of everything. Whereas London is a 10am - 8pm city, with shops opening late and closing just after work hours, Japan truly is 24/7. This means all night restaurants, convenience stores, manga cafes, game centres and more... Like one giant playground, waiting to be discovered.

To find out what to expect from Japan's major cities, in terms of experiences, shops and design, see below.