Japan lies off the east coast of the Asian Continent, surrounded by sea in all directions and consists of four major islands and more than 6,800 smaller islands. With its beautiful countryside, diverse seasons, futuristic technology and unique culture and art, Japan makes an excellent destination for school excursions.

Japan is a great value destination. School trips are a regular part of the Japanese school curriculum so there are many affordable facilities catering to school groups. There are a wide variety of budget accommodation options, transportation passes and sightseeing discounts, making Japan an affordable destination for even the most budget conscious traveller.

When you plan to visit Japan, The Japan National Tourism Organization will offer you a new school matching system which has just been started to alleviate the difficulties in finding counterpart Japanese schools and greatly increase the amount of educational trips to Japan. By establishing a direct link to the National Council for Promoting Educational Trips to Japan, this new system will help British schools (or companies / organizations working on their behalf) find a matching school in Japan for educational visits or exchange programmes.

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