The Japan On-line Media Center (JOMC) is a media platform designed specifically to distribute information for media. With a database of over 7,000 photos and videos, JOMC offers an exceptional tool for overseas media creating tourism content for Japan.

JOMC material focuses on popular tourism attractions, scenery and landscapes, food, historical experiences, and culture. Media can access a range of frequently updated, high-quality content, available royalty free following registration.

JNTO encourages overseas media to use JOMC material for introducing Japan on productions of broadcast, print, online and other media types.

How to use Japan On-line Media Center
  1. Access the website at
  2. Browse through the content and click on the video or image you wish to download. You will be taken to a new page with details of the content you clicked on
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions and press the “download” button
  4. A pop up will appear. Please enter your e-mail address, nickname, and password on the login/registration screen and press the “register” button
  5. After completing the registration, press the “download” button once again to begin the download

For further inquiries about the media center, please contact