Latest Openings in Japan


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It’s been an exciting period for announcements from Japan, with the launch of two new luxury sightseeing trains (Mizukaze and Shiki-shima), the pool draw of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Kyoto, and new openings from the likes of Hoshino Resorts. Here’s a round-up of the latest news from Japan.

Floating Hotels

Japanese theme park Huis Ten Bosch has announced the launch of a new floating capsule hotel. The two-storey capsules will offer panoramic views as they float serenely towards the theme parks’ islands – where attractions aplenty await. Each capsule has been designed to house four people, and at only £215 per night is a complete bargain for those seeking out unusual accommodation experiences.Expect more info and a confirmed launch date later this year.

At the other end of the scale, a luxury, high-end floating hotel will open in the Seto Inland Sea this summer. Opening in September 2017, Guntu will host 19 guest rooms, as well as a sushi bar, dining room, café, lounge, spa and gym. One to three night cruises will be on offer for guests, which will set off from Onomichi (though routes may vary depending on the season). Room prices will start at around 300,000 yen per night (£2042). The website is available only in Japanese for the time being, but watch this space for more information:

Trunk Hotel Opening in Shibuya

Coolest new hotel on the Shibuya block, Trunk Hotel is a 'socializing hotel', whose concept is ‘to provide new connections, encourage communication, reinvigorate society, and make people happy’. A stylish wooden interior complete with modern art work makes it look like the perfect place to relax, grab some food at the kitchen and try some of the specialty activities they have on offer. Japanese treats such as grilled meat skewers and rice dango balls will be on offer all day, along with lounge places to relax. Take a look at the photos and see the hotel for yourself here.

New Henn na Hotel in Aichi!

Yet another addition from the wonderfully inventive Huis Ten Bosch group, a new Henn na Hotel (Robot Hotel) will open at Laguna Ten Bosch, a theme park in Aichi Prefecture, in August 2017. The hotel will boast 100 rooms in total and will be modelled on the previous two hotels, which feature robotic check-in staff and in-room robots.

KAI Anjin

On 13th April 2017, Hoshino Resorts celebrated the opening of their latest property – KAI Anjin. Just 100 minutes from Tokyo, KAI Anjin is a stylish, modern Japanese hot spring ryokan located on the Izu Peninsula. Visitors who have been to Hoshino Resort hotels and ryokans in the past will know that the group is famous for celebrating traditional Japanese craftsmanship – from creative activities available to guests, through to beautifully designed suites. From the rooms, expect ocean views and maritime artwork which offers the impression of being on a journey at sea. For more information about the hotel, please see here.

Japan Alps Art Festival

From early June until the end of July, the first Japan Alps Art Festival will be taking place in Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture. Arranged by Fram Kitagawa, the head of Art Front Gallery in Daikanyama, the festival will include famous domestic and international names such as Toshikatsu Endo and Maaria Wirkkala. Part of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Kurobe Dam will act as one of the main stages for art work. Set amongst 3000m high mountains in the middle of the Japanese countryside - expect the spectacular from this new Japanese art festival.

Wired Hotel

Café chain Wired Café has opened a new hotel in April, just off Asakusa's Hisago-dori in central Tokyo. Featuring both hostel beds and private hotel rooms, the hotel provides guests with unique insights on what to do and where to go in Tokyo, having gathering information from hundreds of ‘ambassadors’ from around the city. This exclusive sightseeing advice is provided to guests either online or via the concierge service at the hotel. If you’re looking for something hip in the centre of the city, then this is place for you. Make sure to take advantage of the café/bar – where sweets and drinks made from tofu and soya will be a prominent feature. For more information about the hotel, please see the website here.

Luxury Trains

On 1st May, JR East launched their luxury sight-seeing cruise train, Shiki-shima. The train will journey up through Honshu to Hokkaido, stopping off at Tohoku’s most loved sights en route.

Next month will see the launch of Mizukaze from JR East, whose journeys will head in the opposite direction, visiting little known destinations in western Honshu, such as Kurashiki and Shimonoseki.

Tickets are booked up for 2017, but watch this space for more information about how to get your hands on tickets for the 2018 journeys.

For photos or press enquiries about the two trains, please contact: [email protected].


April 20 saw the opening of Tokyo’s latest shopping space – GINZA SIX. Complete with a Noh theatre, inaugural entrances to Japan from many top designer labels, and an art space filled with pumpkins from Yayoi Kusama, it’s worth dropping by to see the new building for yourself.

Glamping & BBQ in Okinawa
RESORT MAGIC NAHA, a seaside BBQ park offering superior grade American BBQ, opened on May 1st, 2017. Located inside Nami-no-ue Umisora Park on the coast not far from central Naha, it offers three types of BBQ site, a lounge area for relaxing, and a cafe serving macchiatos made from Ethiopian coffee beans. 
ISLAND MAGIC SENAGAJIMA, a glamping resort on remote Okinawan island Senagajima Island, will open from June 1st 2017. It will offer luxury outdoor experiences against the backdrop of the blue oceans and wide open skies of Senagajima Island. Accommodation will be in American-style luxury camping trailers.
There will also be an American vibe to the food, with BBQ pits using BBQ Pit Boys' recipes from America such as overnight smoked steaks and beer-can chicken. There will also be home-made donuts on sale at June Donuts and a library inside a shipping container for those who like to take a bit of their indoors outdoors.