GINZA SIX Opening in Tokyo on April 20

ginza 6 interior

On 20 April brand new development GINZA SIX will open in Tokyo, offering visitors retail, theatre and contemporary art in one of the capital city’s most distinguished areas.

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GINZA SIX, a new urban development in a distinguished part of Tokyo, will open on 20 April 2017, offering visitors an array of retail, theatre and arty experiences.

This stylish new space has been created with the intention of giving back to the community. Large shopping arenas showcasing international brands are a dime a dozen in this bustling capital city, but GINZA SIX’s social conscience suggests this development will stand out from the crowd, with designated areas for commuters who are unable to return home in the case of natural disasters.

The building’s enormous open air space will initially be filled with a display of Yayoi Kusama’s famous ‘Pumpkin’ designs, under the supervision of the Mori Art Museum. Other exhibitions will include ultra-tech installations from the artists at TeamLab, and works from botanist/artist Patrick Blanc.

A total of 240 brands from across the globe will establish themselves inside the building, including several coming to Japan for the very first time. The entrances to the stores will be decorated with noren – traditional Japanese hanging curtains – decorated simply with each company’s logo or crest.

One of the unique elements of this new project will be the Kanze Noh Theatre, which will be housed inside GINZA SIX. The Kanze Noh Theatre, which has been running for 43 years, will relocate from a quiet residential neighbourhood in Shibuya, taking its hallowed cypress stage across to its new home in spring 2017. For those who have yet to experience Noh on previous trips to Japan, this traditional Japanese theatre style originated in 14th century, and consists of stage shows characterised by a slow, poetic style of drama combined with music and dance.

The exterior and interior designs for the building were created by famed Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi, whose architectural studies began at the prestigious Harvard University. Taniguchi’s previous projects have included the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Heisei Chishin Building at the Kyoto National Museum. Alcoves inside the building will be stylishly decorated with scrolls and flower arrangements so that visitors can enjoy the sense of changing seasons even indoors; something central to traditional Japanese culture.

For residents of London, there may soon be a chance to learn more about Ginza6’s design inspiration, as the development’s visual director, Kenya Hara, is also the Chief Creative Director behind Japan House London, a new Japanese cultural hub showcasing the best of Japanese design, culture, food, technology and more, in London; scheduled to open later this year.

In the lead up to its opening, Japan House will be holding exciting Japanese cultural events around London, as well as pop-up sake bars and dining experiences to preview its restaurant menu. To be amongst the first to hear about these exclusive events, and for updates on Japan House London’s opening, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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