5 Female-Friendly Tokyo Capsule Hotels

The Millennials Shibuya 3F Coworking Lounge

Despite their size, capsule hotels have come a long away from their inception as a cheap and uncomfortable place for businessmen to crash for the night: not only do they now include free Wi-Fi (a blessing!), but both their designs and their compatibility with female guests have for the better changed with the times. Here are 5 female-friendly Tokyo capsule hotels that'll help save you some coin and provide the perfect base for your adventures into the concrete jungle!

The Millennials Shibuya 

The Millennials Shibuya 5F Art Pods

Located just a 5-minute walk from the world-famous Shibuya Scramble and Shibuya Station (JR, Metro, Keio, Tokyu), The Millennials Shibuya is the perfect place from which to set out on your high-energy Tokyo adventure. As per its namesake, The Millennials Shibuya is all about providing "digital natives" with a cosy yet sleek setting for them to unwind, socialise and work, be it in its many communal spaces or its state-of-the-art semi-double-sized capsules.  

The Millennials Shibuya has both female-only floors and all-gender floors (each with a shared bathroom) to ensure that everyone has a comfortable stay, whilst its variety of capsule styles are bound to appeal to even the most design-stringent of guests: each floor has 5 Projector Room capsules where guests can create their own personal cinema by simply pulling down the privacy screen and connecting their digital devices - just be wary of watching an absolute tear-jerker! There's also an entire floor dedicated to art, with the capsules adorned in cheerful and colourful designs that'll no doubt secure Instagram envy from all your friends and family. Each capsule can also be converted from bed to sofa should you wish to instill a sense of home in your capsule whilst dimmable lights, multiple sockets, a large storage tray under the bed (which can fit even large suitcases), and a personal valuables box mean that everything you might possibly need is easily within arm's reach. There is also a laundry machine on each floor should you need to wash your clothes.  

Millennials get a lot of stick for living by the "everything in life is free" philosophy, but when guests can enjoy free breakfast (bread and pastry self-service) between the hours of 7:30am and 9:30am, free coffee 24/7 and a free beer hour between 5:30pm and 6:30pm, can it not be said that there's truly a method to the madness?

For more information visit The Millennials Shibuya's website here.

Akihabara Bay Hotel

Akihabara Bay Hotel © 2005–2018 Agoda Company Pte. Ltd

Akihabara Bay Hotel, located a mere 4-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station, is one of an increasing number of women-only capsule hotels in the capital. The hotel offers three accommodation plans: 'Standard Plan', 'Long Stay Plan', and 'Early Bird Plan' dependent on length of stay or booking time for all of its 130 capsules. Guests keen to watch some famously ridiculous Japanese TV can do so in the comfort of their own TV-fitted capsule, whilst those preferring to escape the digital world (whilst still in Akihabara!) can do so by opting for a regular capsule sans TV. Akihabara Bay Hotel also provides fantastic amenities and facilities for guests to use including a laundry machine, lounge and full-sized locker area among other things. 

For more information visit Akihabara Bay Hotel's website here.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya 

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya is a women-only capsule hotel located a 10-minute walk from Shibuya Station (JR, Metro, Keio, Tokyu) or a 3-minute walk from Shinsen Station (Keio Inokashira Line) - just outside of the hectic Shibuya mix but well-placed to tour the lesser-explored west and south-west sides of the city including the uber-trendy Shimokitazawa and Kichijо̄ji areas.

Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya exudes a calmer Kyoto-style vibe than the nearby Shibuya area thanks to its balanced modern-traditional design. Aside from its single-sized "cocoon" capsules, the hotel also features a large sentо̄ (銭湯, public bath), a washitsu (和室, tatami-floored room) with free-to-use computers, and even an izakaya (居酒屋, Japanese-style tavern) where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner should you need a hearty meal close to home.You can even rent kimono to wear out, or to try on at the in-house photo studio

For more information visit Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya's website here.

Nine Hours Woman Kanda 

Nine Hours Woman Kanda

Nine Hours Woman Kanda is another women-only capsule hotel and is virtually identical to the chain's all-gender equivalents. Nine Hours Woman Kanda is located just next to Kanda Station (JR and Metro), offering guests a prime position from which to explore the nearby Imperial Palace and Gardens to the south, or Akihabara and its miles of neon and tech to the north. 

Aside from the regular nights-based accommodation plan, Nine Hours Woman Kanda also offers a cheaper 'Nap' plan should you wish to get some shut-eye for just a couple of hours, as well as a 'Shower' plan which, as you may have guessed, is a shower-only option - handy if all your walking and subway riding around Tokyo has left you sweaty, tired and literally miles from your hotel. This no-frills capsule hotel doesn't provide any meals, but thanks to its central location you'll have absolutely no trouble finding munch from its many nearby konbini and restaurants. 

For more information visit Nine Hours Woman Kanda's website here.

GRIDS Akihabara Hotel + Hostel

GRIDS Akihabara Hotel+Hostel

Another capsule hotel located in Tokyo's "Electric Town", and just an 8-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station, GRIDS Akihabara Hotel + Hostel is an ideal base for female and family otaku! GRIDS is a combination hotel and hostel, with a variety of options including single bed and bunk dormitories as well as private family rooms, double rooms, and deluxe rooms; there is one women-only “Bunk Bed in Dormitory Room” floor and three male-only equivalents. However, visitors looking to experience a ryokan-style (traditional Japanese inn) room can stay in the Private Japanese Room, featuring a tatami mat and futon alongside the modern comforts of a TV, and private refrigerator, toilet, and shower. The hotel also features a common room fitted with a mini kitchen and the necessary appliances, a laundry machine and a powder room. 

For more information visit GRIDS Akihabara Hotel + Hostel's website here.

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