Rugby World Cup 2019 Ticket Announcement - Sightseeing and Accommodation


Information and deals on accommodation around the Rugby World Cup 2019 host cities in the run-up to the announcement of ticket allocations on 26th Nov 2018 (JST)

The world of international sport is coming to Japan!

With the arrival of the Rugby World Cup 2019, nations from all over the world will be testing their mettle in events held all over Japan - the perfect reason to visit each unique host destination and experience everything that Japan has to offer in between.

Japan is more accessible by air than it has ever been with direct daily flights from London Heathrow to two Tokyo international airports, a new London - Osaka route courtesy of British Airways, and a new pathway straight into Sapporo via Helsinki with Finnair as of this December. Indirect flights frequently operate from regional areas of the UK into regional city hubs in Japan making it easy to slide straight into your destination, from your doorstep.

The public ballot for those ever-in-demand match tickets has now closed so while we eagerly await the announcement of who got which tickets on the 26th November 2018 (Japan time), the JNTO have teamed up with Expedia to bring you information and deals on accommodation in the host locations, from Sapporo in the snowy north to the flavourful towns and cities of Kyushu in the sub-tropical south.

Visit our tour operator search page for more details on who to book Rugby World Cup tours with, and the JNTO's very own Visit Japan 2019 rugby website to explore what there is to see and do around the World Cup 2019 destinations, across the many islands of Japan.

Equally, why not have a look at Tripadvisor's Japan page for more information on where to visit in 2019 and how to combine your Japan trip with a trip to South Korea?

Missed out on tickets this time round? Come feel the buzz and see what the fuss is about, anyway! An official re-sale service for people looking to buy cancelled tickets is also scheduled to open on 31st May 2019, on a real-time first-come first-serve basis.  

Webber Ellis Cup with Women in Kimono in Kyushu

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