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CityUnscripted is offering an exclusive money-off discount for SeeJapan readers who book one of their tailormade tours in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka!

Experience Japan like a local by teaming up with one of CityUnscripted’s Local Hosts for a tailor-made tour of Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka. CityUnscripted connects curious travellers to locals in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, who tailor private city experiences for them from as little as $35USD (£26.45) per person.

These experiences can involve anything, from exploring the city’s main attractions to a quick introduction to how to navigate your way around, and from visiting off-the-beaten path neighbourhoods beloved by locals to places to go to eat and drink like a local and advice on what to do for the rest of your visit.

The company strives to provide travellers with the best opportunity to unlock a city in ways that following a guidebook cannot, giving them unique insight into local life in Japan. By matching guests to a like-minded local who personalizes the outing according to their needs and wishes, they authentically replicate the atmosphere of being shown around by a friend who lives there.
If you want to make the most of your precious time in Japan and experience Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka beyond the surface, then CityUnscripted is for you. You can either browse and book from a list of customisable themed experiences, or you can request the company to suggest an itinerary and build an experience to match exactly what you’re after.
Because CityUnscripted's’ Local Hosts only carry out experiences during their spare time, visitors don’t end up with a tour guide who repeats the same story over and over. Instead they get to spend time with real locals of all ages from diverse backgrounds and professions, who are passionate about showing the best of their city to travellers. The Local Hosts have no hidden agenda or bias to recommending one place over another, and the experiences are as authentic as they can get. 


CityUnscripted Experiences in Japan

CityUnscripted has a network of over 900 Local Hosts across 35 cities, all of whom have been handpicked, interviewed and vetted by the company. In Japan, they currently offer experiences in three major cities - Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

Experiences on offer in Tokyo include personalized half-day and full-day tours, family-friendly Tokyo, unique and quirky shops, Tokyo’s creative neighbourhood of Koenji, otaku culture, Tokyo’s night-time playground, foodie outing, a layover to escape the airport, and side trips to Mt. Fuji/Hakone and Kamakura.

In Kyoto, they offer personalized half-day and full-day tours, traditional sweets tasting, magical Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto after dark, izakaya experience, family-friendly Kyoto, an exploration of Gion, Kyoto’s traditional geisha district.
In Osaka, they offer personalized half-day and full-day tours, street food, fashion and shopping, family-friendly Osaka, foodie outing in Ura Namba district, and an exploration of Nakazakicho, Osaka’s bohemian neighbourhood. They also offer a side trip to Nara from either Kyoto or Osaka.

Follow the links below to find out more about the experiences on offer in each city, or scroll down to look at some photos of happy past customers enjoying their CityUnscripted’s experience!

www.cityunscripted.com/destination-experiences-in-kyoto  www.cityunscripted.com/destination-experiences-in-osaka

CityUnscripted is offering an exclusive discount for SeeJapan readers - get $25 (approximately £19) off on any CityUnscripted experience in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka! The discount can be accessed by entering code JNTO25 at checkout and is valid until 30 September, 2018. 

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