Win a Japanese Stationery Box from My Bungu Box


Calling all Japanese stationery addicts! One lucky SeeJapan reader will win a box full of beautiful hand-picked Japanese stationery from My Bungu Box - find out more here.

Japanese stationery is well-known for its high quality and wide variety of products available. If you’ve ever visited a stationery shop in Japan, you’ll know first-hand that it can be quite overwhelming at first, and very hard to select just a few items to buy without maxing out your credit card!

Now you can satisfy your Japanese stationery cravings from the comfort of your home in the UK, with beautiful Japanese stationery on mail order from My Bungu Box. “Bungu” means “stationery” in Japanese, and My Bungu Box specializes in providing some of the best and most beautiful stationery from Japan, from those amazing erasable pens (yes, we love them too!) to prettily patterned washi tape.

My Bungu Box works on a subscription system of quarterly boxes, and the contents of every box - hand-picked by My Bungu Box’s founder, a fellow self-confessed “stationery addict” - are a complete surprise. There is a limited number of boxes each time, and subscriptions close once all the boxes are sold, so you need to sign up quickly to get it before it’s gone. Be the envy of all your friends, colleagues or classmates with the best in Japanese stationery delivered directly to your door!

Alternatively, we have one box of My Bungu Box stationery to give away for free to a lucky SeeJapan reader! To enter, simply email [email protected] and tell us the name of the Japanese stationery item that you just can’t live without. The winner will be selected on October 18th and your box will be sent out shortly after that.

You can also see My Bungu Box’s website for more information on their service, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for sneak peeks and all the latest stationery news from Japan.

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My Bungu stationery

My Bungu Box stationery

My Bungu Box stationery

My Bungu Box stationery