Rent a Traditional Japanese House and Experience the ‘Real Japan’

Japan Experience Homes

If you’re looking for something a little more authentic, or if you’re travelling as part of a small group, consider renting one of Japan Experience’s 60 rental houses for an insider taste of Japanese homes.

Dotted all over the country from Tokyo to Fukuoka, Japan Experience’s rental houses give you a little extra freedom when travelling, allowing you to cook and relax in the space of your own private home-away-from-home. Some of their traditional properties, known as machiya, come complete with tatami mat floors and traditional sliding doors, offering is a unique chance to experience a slice of Japanese culture that may otherwise pass you by. 

These historic homes needn’t lack modern comforts, and you’ll be equipped with everything you need for your stay. Air-conditioning for those humid summer months, hairdryers, washing machines, refrigerators and that all-important Wi-Fi provide the practical things you’ll need on your Japan visit. Some modern homes will offer western-style beds, whilst others will allow you to experience a traditional Japanese-style slumber atop comfy futons on the tatami mat floors. With plenty of space to lounge around in, these homes are the ideal option for families or people travelling in small groups – and will save you the hefty fees that come with booking several separate hotel rooms.

Japan Exp hot spring

Japan Experience now has houses in Kyoto, Takayama, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima and Kanazawa – some of the top destinations for travellers visiting Japan.  All of their houses are located in convenient areas of the city and make a great base for exploring. Staying in quiet, residential streets can add an extra element of tranquillity to your trip, and will allow you to explore local restaurants down hidden passageways – taking you a step beyond the tourist trail and allowing you to delve into a side of Japan you may never have otherwise discovered. 

A stay also includes exclusive access to one of their Travel Angels – an experienced local who will know the area, speak fluent English and be able to give you an insider’s take on the best attractions available nearby. The Travel Angels will welcome you to the property at the beginning of your stay, offering a manual including directions and information on the local neighbourhood, and will be contactable any time during your visit – giving you peace of mind if you ever need a helping hand.  

Let’s take a look at what the rental houses look like inside:


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