Sushi: Taste & Technique Book Giveaway

sushi book giveaway

Learn the basics, recipes and background of Japan’s most famous fishy dish with this comprehensive guide by DK. We have one free copy to give away!

Turn your house into an authentic sushi bar worthy of any neon-lit, paper lantern-lined Tokyo backstreet with this all-in-one guide to Japan’s most famous culinary export, penned by Hiroki Takemura, former head chef at London’s Nobu restaurant, and well-known Asian fusion specialist Kimiko Barber.

Sushi: Taste and Technique tells you all you need to know about sushi and how to make and eat it. Discover how to source and correctly use the right sushi-making equipment and authentic fresh ingredients, before learning how to recreate your favourite sushi dishes at home with minimal effort and maximum results, using reliable techniques that succeed every time.

The book covers sushi-making basics such as utensils, ingredients and techniques as well as introducing readers to the nuts and bolts of fish, shellfish and roe - with wisdom-packed sections on seafood safety and sustainability, differences between round fish and flatfish, and how to use shellfish and roe - before moving onto the recipes themselves.

Maki sushi rolls

The recipe chapter splits up recipes according to the techniques used to make them, from traditional pressed sushi (oshi-zushi) and simple yet delicious scattered sushi (chirashi-zushi) to the more familiar rolled sushi (maki-zushi) and iconic hand-formed sushi (nigiri-zushi). Without adhering to an overly strict definition of “sushi”, it also features dishes on the edge of the traditional sushi canon, introducing recipes for ricebowls, canapes, sashimi and even onigiri sandwiches.

There is also a handy fish identification guide detailing over twenty kinds of fish and shellfish and how to prepare them, focusing on common varieties such as salmon, tuna and prawns as well as throwing in a handful of more exotic suggestions such as sea bass, bonito, and mackerel. And for those more interested in eating sushi rather than making it, there are also essential tips on drinks pairings and sushi dining etiquette.
Published by DK, the book follows their tried and tested format of illustrated reference books, with step-by-step guides and lavish full-colour photographs demonstrating everything, making it clear and easy-to-follow for readers and aspiring sushi chefs of all ages and abilities.
From temaki (conical hand-rolls) to vegetarian versions, master the techniques and learn the trade secrets of this delicious and healthy cuisine from Japan - this gourmet guidebook is a must for anyone who is serious about sushi!
Make mastering sushi-making at home even easier with a copy of Sushi: Taste & Technique at your side - we have one copy to give away to a lucky SeeJapan reader! To enter, email your name and postal address to [email protected] with “Sushi book giveaway” in the title and tell us who you’d most like to cook sushi for. We will randomly select the winner at the end of July, and post the book in the first week of August. Good luck!
Alternatively, if you can’t wait to open up your own home sushi restaurant, Sushi: Taste & Technique can be purchased on DK’s website for £12.99 (hardback).


Sushi: Taste & Technique