Japan Hotel News May 2018

Nakamura Shoten Sawara

From a new Snoopy hotel opening in Kobe to a hotel in converted merchants’ storehouses in Chiba near Narita Airport, check out the latest Japanese hotel openings.

Check out the latest accommodation openings in Japan this year, from a new Snoopy hotel opening in Kobe and a smart capsule hostel for Millennials in Kyoto to an artists’ residence in pottery district Arita in Saga and a hotel in converted merchants’ storehouses in Chiba, plus many more. 

The Millennials Kyoto Opened 15 March 2018

The Millennials Kyoto

A lifestyle hotel aimed squarely at Millennials, The Millennials offers a peek into “the future of lodging” based on a unique sociable concept. Providing a place to work, play, cook, socialize or relax, the hotel's website says what it has to offer is “not merely an accommodation; it’s a lifestyle”. 

The hotel consists of 20% common facilities, with areas such as the workspace, kitchen, play zone, dining area and bar accessible 24 hours a day. The sleeping area consists of 120 “smart pods”, cutting edge sleeping pods equipped with both comfort and smart technology such IoT and 80-inch projection screen. Find out more on their website.

Snoopy Hotel To Arrive in Kobe This August

Peanuts Hotel

Having recently celebrated his 50th anniversary in Japan, fans of the Peanuts franchise will be overjoyed to hear that everybody’s favourite Beagle will open a new self-themed hotel in Kobe this summer. Set to open on August 1 in downtown Kobe, the Peanuts Hotel draws its inspiration from a scene in the comic where Snoopy remarks, “It’s nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable.”

The new hotel will be every Snoopy fan’s dream come true, featuring six floors overflowing with characters from the well-known comic strip, starting with the Peanuts Cafe on the first floor, which will offer original Peanuts Hotel merchandise and popular takeout drinks such as Peanut Butter Milkshake. Meanwhile, the third floor will house the Peanuts Diner restaurant, serving unique character dishes made using fresh, locally-sourced natural ingredients.

The remaining floors will house Peanuts-themed rooms in 18 different designs, each floor with a different design, from the fourth floor’s “Imagine” and the fifth floor’s “Happy” to the sixth floor’s “Love”. A night’s stay with breakfast will set guests back around 30,000 yen (£207). Online reservations for the general public will start from 9 July, while members of the Peanuts Friend Club can get a headstart, securing their room as early as 30 May.

Sawara Merchant Town Hotel Nipponia

AOI Building Sawara Merchant Town Hotel  
Visitors to Katori in Chiba prefecture, adjacent to Tokyo and home to Narita Airport, can experience the ambience of the Edo period (1603-1868) in unique surroundings of traditional merchant shops and storehouses that have been reborn as Sawara Merchant Town Hotel.

The hotel is composed of three compounds - Geisho, Yata and Aoi - which all operate together to form one larger hotel. Originally built as the Nakamuraya Shoten merchant shop at the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868), the Geisho compound houses the hotel’s reception as well as a French restaurant using local ingredients on the second floor. 

At the Yata compound, which was originally used as a place to process cotton, what were the main building, storehouse, and annexe have been restored as three guest rooms that can accommodate up to four people each. The hotel’s other accommodation Aoi compound was formerly a high-end Japanese restaurant, but has now been reborn as a guest room accommodating up to six people.

The hotel plans to increase its number of guest rooms from four to ten by the end of this year. Rates at Sawara Merchant Town Hotel range from 30,000-50,000 jpy (£207-346) pppn, including two meals. Find out more on the hotel’s website: www.nipponia-sawara.jp

Arita Huis Hotel-and-Restaurant Opens in Saga

Arita Huise

Opened on 18 April 2018, Arita Huis is a new hotel-cum-restaurant facility located in the heart of one of Japan’s best-known pottery districts. The new facility is based inside Arita Sera, a shopping mall housing 22 shops and boutiques specializing in Arita-yaki (Arita pottery), and consists of a small hotel with 11 rooms and a 48-seater restaurant. 

The hotel is suitable for short-term stays by people visiting Arita for tourism as well as an artists’ residence for long-term stays by creators from overseas. A night’s accommodation with breakfast will cost 10,000-12,000 yen (£70-83). For more information see the hotel’s website www.arita.gr.jp/hotel  (Japanese only) or email them at [email protected] (general) or [email protected] (media).

Arita Huis

Solare Hotels Launches hotel androoms

Hotel Brand Solare Hotels are launching a new brand called hotel androoms which offers kooky extras in addition to simple, swanky rooms. The new brand’s concept is to provide those joyful little extras or “&”s that make for the perfect night’s stay in an urban hotel environment, with each branch offering slightly different add-ons depending on the location.

Opened on 27 April, Osaka Honmachi offers the options of having a boxed breakfast delivered to your room in the morning while dinner menu items from the hotel’s in-house restaurant “Ruuust” are available as takeaway to eat in your room.

Opening on 26 June, androoms’ Nagoya Sakae branch will offer five types of guest rooms with decor inspired by the groves of trees surrounding the hotel as well as a spa and a cafe with an in-house bakery “BAKE(RY” offering breakfast delivered to your room.

Opening on 1 October, the Shin-Osaka branch will offer stylish and modern Japanese-style guest rooms, as well as a sento (public bath style spa) with a wall motif of Mt Fuji, a tsuke-soba noodle bar, and breakfast delivered to your room. Staying guests will even be able to get their fill of noodles as a midnight snack, with free soba noodle service every night from 9-11pm.

Turn Table Hostel Open in the Heart of Shibuya

Turn Table Hostel

Opened in spring this year, Turn Table Hostel is a ‘slightly luxury’ hostel located in the heart of Shibuya in Tokyo, just 4 minutes walk from Shinsen Station and 12 minutes walk from Shibuya Station. The hostel offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and group sizes, from dormitory and single rooms to twin rooms and even a suite with a terrace.

As well as its simple and stylish modern guest rooms, the hostel is also equipped with a bar, coin laundry, vending machines, and drinking water, while the attached restaurant and market sells food made using local ingredients from Tokushima prefecture on Japan’s fourth largest island of Shikoku.

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