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We’re offering one lucky See Japan reader the chance to win a copy of this miso guide and cookbook courtesy of the Japan Centre!

From ramen and sake to matcha and yuzu, the British food scene is no stranger to the occasional Japanese food craze. Now it is the turn of miso - a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans - to steal the limelight. 

Although the thick, savoury paste’s most famous use is in the Japanese staple of miso soup, it has plenty of other uses, from making flavourful sauces and noodle broths to glazes, marinades, and pickles. But if you’re feeling like you’re lacking the necessary culinary knowledge to leap onto the latest Japanese food bandwagon, then we have the answer - Miso Tasty The Cookbook, by miso expert Bonnie Chung.

This handy miso manual covers everything you need to know about the latest in-vogue ingredient from Japan, giving you all the know-how you need to whip up tasty everyday recipes using the Japanese superfood, from what miso is and how it is made to the different types of miso and miso nutrition. With an accompanying selection of recipes using miso, from soups and spreads to dressings and desserts, it will soon turn your feelings of “miso clueless” into “miso curious”.

About Miso Tasty The Cookbook

Hoto (Udon Noodles in Miso Broth)

Miso Tasty The Cookbook explores the great versatility of miso, and demonstrates the depth that it can bring to everyday cooking. Miso is full of possibilities, not just for soups, bus as a flavoursome component in marinades, dressings, and even in desserts. As more and more people search for a diet that is both wholesome and nutritious, this ancient Japanese superfood made from soybean paste is fast becoming a vital ingredient in the ordinary cook’s kitchen.

In this handbook of miso, miso expert Bonnie Chung shares sixty suggestions for recipes to enable you to enjoy this ingredient in both Japanese and non-Japanese dishes. You will find all the Japanese miso classics, such as miso black cod and nasu dengaku, as well as modern applications to boost the umami factor in everyday meals, such as smothering miso butter over roasted corn or toasted bread. It may not be the most visually attractive cooking ingredient around, but one thing is for sure - after reading this book you will never look at miso in the same way again!

With simple cooking tips to make the most of miso at home in your own kitchen, an in-depth exploration of the many types of miso, and even instructions on how to make your own miso at home (be warned: it can get smelly!). Miso Tasty The Cookbook is ideal for adventurous cooks wanting to expand their repertoire of Japanese dishes, as well as those who want to incorporate more bold, umami-rich flavours in their everyday cooking.

Win a Copy of Miso Tasty The Cookbook

Jappa-jiru (Codfish Miso Soup)

For all you budding miso cooks out there… We have teamed up with the Japan Centre, the UK’s premier Japanese food shopping destination, to offer one lucky See Japan reader the chance to win a copy of Miso Tasty The Cookbook.

To enter, all you have to do is email and tell us your name and postal address and the miso dish that you’d most like to cook. We will randomly select the winner on Wednesday 12 June, 2018 and send the book out early the following week. Good luck!

Don’t forget that you can also visit the Japan Centre’s website or London stores for all your miso and other Japanese food and cooking needs. The Japan Centre’s flagship store on Panton Street also has a Miso Room, where you can not only sample different types of miso and learn about their uses in cooking, but also weigh your own fresh miso paste and purchase hard-to-find, artisanal miso products.

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