First Trials of Huis Ten Bosch’s Floating Hotel

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch has embarked upon its first trials of the hotel’s waterborne sleeping pods ahead of the project’s launch later this year.

Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd., the company that operates the popular Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch theme park near Nagasaki in southern Japan, has begun conducting feasibility studies of the pods that will be used in its new floating hotel, which is set to welcome its first guests on board this summer.

When it is completed, the hotel will be the world’s first floating hotel that travels between a theme park and an unpopulated island. The feasibility studies will involve dummy runs of the pods of both a ‘parking stay’ moored in the ocean and a ‘moving stay’ travelling between Huis Ten Bosch and a nearby unpopulated island owned by the theme park.

Following on from ship authentication inspections in March, trial voyages of the pods are scheduled to begin from May. The company aims to operate two hotel pods successfully at the initial stage of the trials, while by the middle stage of the trials it already hopes to have increased its operating capacity to ten to twenty pods.

Huis Ten Bosch floating hotel pod - exterior

With the feasibility studies and trials underway this spring, the first paying guests are expected to embark upon their ocean journey in the pods this summer. Guests will check in and board their capsule from a designated pier inside the theme park. Their pod will then be towed by ship to the nearby island, with the voyage timed to depart at night and arrive at the island in time for breakfast.

Guests will temporarily leave the land behind when they board their pod for the night, but that does not mean that they will have to wave goodbye to all the usual home comforts as well. Each pod is equipped with an ensuite bathroom with a waterfall shower, bath and separate lavatory, and has a glass ceiling for star-gazing, allowing guests to lie back and admire mesmerizing views of the starry skies as their pod drifts across the waves overnight.

Meanwhile, by day they will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the ever-changing ocean scenery through the pod’s large framed windows, just as if they were admiring the masterpieces on the walls at an art gallery. With dedicated space set aside for both entertainment and relaxation, guests will be able to keep themselves amused or relax and unwind as it takes their fancy as they embark upon their journey across the waves.

Huis Ten Bosch floating hotel pod - interior
Each of the floating pods is made from fibre-reinforced plastic, measures 6.4 metres in diameter, and houses a maisonette-style guest cabin split across two levels. The split-level cabin consists of two areas, a spacious guest floor with an area of 28m sq and a smaller open deck with an area of 5m sq. Each pod has a maximum capacity of nine passengers, but will most likely accommodate two to three passengers at a time.
Safety is a top priority for the pods’ developers, and they have been specially designed to reduce rocking and weighted to prevent capsizing. Each pod is equipped with an emergency telephone line connecting it with the shore and a ship will monitor the progress of the pods as they travel along the route between the theme park and the island.



Since Huis Ten Bosch’s new hotel project was first announced in December 2016, it has inspired dreams of excitement and unexpected marine and island adventures around the world. With the completion of the original project in its sights, however, the theme park shows no signs of being tempted to rest on its laurels.
With an eye firmly on the future, it is reportedly already planning to open a new facility on the island to which the pods travel, in the shape of an augmented reality game in which players fight dinosaurs. It is also reportedly considering developing automated pods that can move on their own using green energy from sustainable power sources, such as plant-based batteries or thin-film solar cells. 

For more information, see Huis Ten Bosch’s website: 

For media enquiries, contact Ms. Nakano or Ms. Shimogaki, Corporation Planning Division, Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd. TEL +81 (0)956-27-0138 FAX 0956-27-0025

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