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We have one copy of Ramen: Japanese Noodles and Small Dishes by Tove Nilsson to give away to one lucky SeeJapan reader courtesy of the Japan Centre!

Picture a bowl filled to the brim with steaming hot broth gently wafting a mouthwatering odour your way. Chewy, slender noodles nestle in a clump at the bottom of the bowl, while meltingly tender sliced, simmered pork perches invitingly on top. The liquid’s surface is speckled with an abstract pattern of tiny droplets of oil, and a bobbing soy sauce-marinated egg with an array of colourful toppings adds the finishing touch.

Surely there are few dishes in the world as addictive and universally popular as ramen has become in recent years. From sleepy backstreet Tokyo diners to the bustling ramen bars of London, all around the world you will find a dazzling array of bold and complex flavour combinations all united in a single bowl of ramen. 

About the Book

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Celebrated for its punchy flavour and hearty portions, ramen has never been so popular, with new ramen restaurants popping up all over the UK with startlingly regularity. In Tove Nilsson’s cookbook ramen-loving readers will find a plethora of satisfying recipes for making the main component of ramen, a steaming bowl of homemade broth. With meat, fish and vegetarian options, budding ramen chefs of all culinary stripes can learn to make their own ramen from scratch.

As well as recipes for creating a variety of rich and robust ramen broths, Nilsson also guides readers through the process for making the perfect springy noodles scratch, from ramen to udon and soba. With clear step-by-step instructions, the book also includes a wealth of recipes for making complementary small plates such as gyoza, pickles and okonomiyaki, as well as many more favourites.

Starting with an overview of the tools and ingredients needed to make ramen, Nilsson breaks down the ramen recipe into its key components, covering several different options for making broth - chicken, tonkotsu, beef, mushroom, thick veggie and tare (flavouring sauce) - chilli, garlic, bonito - before moving on to cover techniques for making your own ramen, udon, soba noodles and a selection of popular ramen toppings, from classics such as chashu pork and soy sauce pickled eggs to BBQ pork and roast tomatoes.

This is followed by pages of full ramen recipes, covering Japanese classics such as miso, shoyu, shio (salt) and tonkotsu and lesser-known varieties such as tantanmen, spicy garlic, and wantanmen as well as off-the-wall offerings for unique ramen dishes such as green curry, lemon clam, and sichuan pork. Nilsson also offers a handful of non-ramen noodle recipes, including sichuan, beef broth, and BBQ yuzu varieties of tsukemen, and even breakfast udon (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!).

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The book concludes with a section on small plates to accompany the main noodles dishes, for  karaage (Japanese fried chicken), tempura, and gyoza to several kinds of tsukemono (pickles) and even okonomiyaki. Including 50 mouth-watering recipes, from homemade broth and noodles to complementary dishes and sides, this cookbook will transport you to the vibrant streets of Japan via your own kitchen.

You can pick up all the ingredients you need to make the dishes in Nilsson’s informative ramen cookbook from the Japan Centre. Visit them at their flagship London store at 35b Panton Street SW1Y 4EA (more information here), or stock up with just a click of the mouse on the official Japan Centre website.

Win a Copy of Ramen: Japanese Noodles and Small Dishes 

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We’ve teamed up with the Japan Centre to offer one lucky SeeJapan reader a copy of Tove Nilsson’s fantastic ramen cookbook, Ramen: Japanese Noodles and Small Dishes. To enter, all you have to do is email [email protected] and tell us your name and address and the name of the person you’d most like to cook a delicious ramen dinner for!

We will randomly select the winner on the 13th April and post the book early the following week. Good luck!

Can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of Tove Nilsson’s fascinating ramen cookbook? Pick up a copy for yourself for around £14.99 from many major book retailers such as Waterstones or WH Smith.

About the Author

Tove Nilsson is a  Swedish chef and food writer who is also a ramen addict. Every time she travels abroad, she is looking for her next ramen fix, and she has made it her life’s mission to slurp ramen all over the world. She writes regularly for leading European food journals and makes frequent TV and radio appearances.
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