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JNTO is looking for participants to share their ideas and experiences of travelling in rural Japan. Share your ideas and help other travellers explore an undiscovered side of Japan!

Whether it is the back-breaking work of harvesting rice with your hosts during a farm stay on Shikoku, the feeling of the wind in your hair as you peddled the breezy coastal roads of the Noto Peninsula, the sweaty glow you worked up energetically hiking the winding paths of the ancient Nakasendo Highway, or the glorious sense of freedom camping out under the stars in the unspoilt surroundings of the Japanese Alps, we want to hear from YOU about your best experiences and ideas for travelling in rural Japan.

Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC)

Gokayama ©Gokayama Tourist Information Center

From late January, JNTO will be launching “Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC)”, a new online community focussing on travel in rural areas of Japan. The aim of the new community, which will be active for a one month period, is to provide an online platform enabling travellers from all around the world to share their thoughts and opinions about the appeal of rural Japan.

JNTO is currently recruiting 100 participants to join the new community and share their travel experiences and ideas with us. The community be in operation for one month from 29 January to 28 February, 2018 (subject to change depending on number of participants). Each week during the operating period, two to three new tasks such as discussion topics and questionnaires will be posted. Participants will be asked to log in to the community a few times during the period to complete these tasks. 

The opinions and ideas about rural Japan gathered by the community will be used to support information-sharing within Japan and will be shared with rural destinations in Japan and future international visitors in order to help the development of tourism to rural areas of Japan. Interested in sharing your experiences and ideas for travelling in rural Japan? Read on to find out whether you are eligible to participate and how to sign up.

Join JTOC and Share Your Ideas with Us!

Aoni Area, Hakuba Village ©Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village

JNTO is looking for 100 participants to join the “Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC)” and share their travel experiences with us.  Interested in sharing your experiences and ideas for travelling in rural Japan? Applicants must fulfil the following criteria in order to participate.

Participants must either (i) have been to Japan before, (ii) have lived in Japan, or (iii) be planning to travel in Japan between 29 January and 28 February, 2018. Participants can be of any gender, nationality, ethnicity, or current country of residence. Applications are welcomed from all kinds of travellers to Japan, from exchange students to those on business trips. However, since the focus of the community is on rural Japan, applications from those who have experienced or are planning to visit rural areas in Japan are especially welcome. 

Participants must be able to access the online community using their own computer or smartphone device and commit to actively participating in the activities provided during the operating period. They must be conversant in English as the community will be operated in English.

Participants do not need to able to log in and participate every day during the operating period. However, they must be able to commit to logging in at least a few times during the period to complete the tasks provided. New tasks will be provided every Monday and Thursday during the operating period.

Apply to Join JTOC Here

Yamakoshi Rice Terrace

Still interested in sharing your experiences and opinions of travelling in rural Japan, and think you are eligible? To apply, simply click the link and fill in the application form: Successful applicants will receive confirmation of their acceptance via email before the launch. (If more than 100 applications are received, successful applicants will be selected by means of a draw.)

We look forward to hearing your comments, ideas and suggestions for travelling in rural Japan!  

The Japan Travel Online Community (JTOC) has been commissioned by JNTO and will be operated by MROC JAPAN. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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