New Video Series: Falling in Love with Japan

Falling in Love with Japan

A series of enchanting new films captures the wonder of everyday life in Japan - see them here first!

The new series of captivating short films will see audiences ‘falling in love with Japan’ themselves as they share moments of wonder in everyday Japanese life.

The films’ central concept is koi no yokan, a beautiful, ‘untranslatable’ Japanese phrase that describes the feeling on meeting someone that falling in love with them is inevitable. For many, the phrase koi no yokan perfectly encapsulates their first encounter with Japan - ‘falling in love with Japan’ is ultimately inevitable.

Shot in Osaka and Kyoto, on the Shima Peninsula in Mie – home of the famous Ama pearl divers – and the mountain trails of the Kii Peninsula in Wakayama – which was recently named one of the top five regions to visit in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 – the immersive films allow viewers to take a walk through the world of real Japan. There are no clichés, just authentic experiences expressed through scenes of daily life.

The seven short films were created by creative agency Theobald Fox in partnership with Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) and InsideJapan Tours, with support from Cathay Pacific. Following teaser was unveiled at the Visit Japan Night held at the Japanese Embassy in London on Monday 6th November 2017, attended by dignitaries, media and members of the travel industry.

 Each film in the Falling in Love with Japan series is titled with one ‘untranslatable’ Japanese word or phrase, each of which offers a unique insight into an aspect of Japanese cultural life. The themes of the seven films in the series are as follows:


Kuidaore – ‘eat ‘til you drop’

This film is a celebration of Japan’s love of good food, the breadth of the cuisine and all the attendant sights, smells and flavours. From vending machine dinners and yakitori shacks to exclusive sushi counters, it’s all there, in all of its mouth-watering glory.

Ukiyo – ‘the floating world’

Detach oneself from worldly cares and take this sensory, street-level journey through the cityscape of Osaka, as feelings of alienation evolve into a sense of oneness with the city and its people. Revel in the excitement and joy of this remarkable culture one has travelled so far to experience.

Komorebi – ‘sunlight filtering through trees’

This word describes an appreciation of the small moments of wonder offered by nature. Where better to ponder such things than on the winding, wooded pathways of the Kumano Kodo in Wakayama, one of only two UNESCO-recognised pilgrimages in the world? It’s the ultimate forest therapy.

Kodawari – ‘relentless devotion to one’s craft’

From the master lacquer craftsman at work to a person carrying out a repetitive, manual task, this film captures how one person’s care and dedication to a single thing creates a higher standard for everyone else – an attitude that pervades everyday Japanese life.

Onkochishin – ‘finding new wisdom in old ways’

This mesmerising film – shot during a fire ceremony at Ekoin Temple on Mount Koya in Wakayama, the home of esoteric Buddhism in Japan – serves as a meditation on ceremony and spirituality. It shows the old ways still providing a pathway for us in the present.

Ikigai – ‘a reason for being’

Life is made up of many small ikigai – things that give us a sense of purpose and motivation. In this film, the all-female Ama divers of Mie Prefecture demonstrate the pleasure they take in discovering shellfish on the seafloor. Sea urchin, abalone and other shellfish are the treasures of their hunt.

Yoisho – ‘a sound for rest’

Sitting down to rest after a hard day’s work; relaxing into a hot onsen bath, or even rousing oneself for the next task during the day – the concept of yoisho is a beginning and an end. Rest and relaxation are best enjoyed when the next stage of one’s tasks are yet to come. Those in-between moments are gracefully captured in this film, shot in the hot spring town of Yunomine.

George Smart, founder of Theobald Fox, creators of Falling in Love with Japan, comments: “For me, it was a huge privilege being in Japan for the first time last year – having dreamt about it for 30 years. This was also the inspiration for these films. We hope that through them more people will fall for one of the most beautiful countries in the world.”

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Falling in Love with Japan

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