Christmas Gifts for Japan Fans


Struggling to track down the perfect gift for the Japanophile among your family or friends? Look no further; we've got you covered...

Whether it’s decorative, cute, crafty, foodie, alcoholic, elegant or just plain weird (cat hair craft kit anyone?), we’ve got something to delight all varieties of Japan-lover with our bumper list of Japan-inspired Christmas gifts, so why not get browsing - it's only a few more weeks until Christmas!

Get Christmassy

Snowman Tenugui

Tenugui, or Japanese hand cloths, can be used as a small towel or stylish wall hanging. They made an ideal gift for someone who appreciates Japanese culture! Exclusive to The Japanese Shop, these Christmas tenugui are made in Japan with unfinished edges in the traditional style. 

Snowman Tenugui - £14.00

Made in icy blue and white colours, this tenugui features some very cute snow rabbits and snowmen wearing red or orange hats peeking out from among tessellating snowflakes. Order from The Japanese Shop

Christmas Tenugui - £14.00

Christmas Tenugui
Made with pure evergreen cotton, this tenugui features a vertical design of a cornucopia of Christmas motifs, including reindeer, angels, holly, poinsettias, snowflakes, baubles, candy canes, bells, fairy lights - and a cheeky little Santa at the top! Order from The Japanese Shop.

Combining simple yet stylish designs with a distinctive, contemporary feel, The Japanese Shop’s range of Christmas Kokeshi Dolls could make the perfect gift for your Japan-/Christmas-/doll-obsessed loved one this season.


Santa Clause kokeshi

Santa Claus Mini Kokeshi Doll - £9.00

Get in the festive spirit with this Santa Claus kokeshi doll. Painted with a cheerful Father Christmas design, it makes the perfect gift of a festive ornament to decorate you or your loved one’s home this Christmas. Order from The Japanese Shop

Snow Girl Kokeshi Doll - £38.00

Snow Girl kokeshiWith a winter rather than specifically Christmas design, this Snow Girl kokeshi makes an equally perfect gift for Christmas or a winter birthday. Featuring snow-coated huts and trees set against a crisp dark-blue winter sky, and leaving the natural grain of the wood partially exposed at the top, the doll perfectly captures the purity of unspoiled, snow-covered landscapes in Japan. Order from The Japanese Shop.



Get Crafty

Kawaii Doodle Class - £12.99

Kawaii Doodle Class
Well-known kawaii artist Zainab Khan takes the aspiring kawaii artist in your life through the gloriously simple and rewarding art of kawaii. Following her easy step-by step instructions, they’ll learn how to endow even the most mundane of everyday objects with insane levels of cuteness, mastering over 75 seriously cute kawaii characters as well as facial expressions and quirky accessories. Tacos, sushi, clouds, flowers, tea cups – a few pen strokes later and they'll be staring back from super-cute faces with big round eyes and cheeky smiles. Your loved one's notebooks and stationery will be covered in their own hand-drawn super cute sketches in no time! Order from Firebox.

Crafting with Cat Hair - £11.99

Crafting with Cat Hair

Just when you thought you had heard of everything... Yes, this is seriously a book about crafting with cat hair! If you’ve ever had a pet cat - or been near one when it’s moulting - you’ll be well aware of just how much hair they have. Normally an annoying and unsightly nuisance, this book provides a crafty and artistic way to deal with your loved one's feline’s fuzz. All they need to get started is a cat, a method of collecting its hair (unless it is one of those creepy hairless cats) - and this handbook! Featuring 95 pages of craft projects, cat facts, pictures, anecdotes and practical tips on caring for kitty, it’s the purrfect introduction to this unusual art form. Please note: cat not included. Order from Firebox.

 Japan Colouring Book - £7.99

Japan Colouring BookWhether you want to unplug completely or be creatively engaged, the therapeutic effects of colouring in have been much touted in recent years. This colouring book offers 72 beautiful and meditative Japan-related designs for the budding artist in your life to colour in whenever, wherever and however they want. From koi fish to geishas, they’ll feel the stress of daily life fade away page by page as they fill in each image. The stiff-backed square pad makes it easy to colour anywhere, so it’s equally suited for use while traveling or watching TV, and the tear-out pages allow you to display and share your favourites. Order from Paperchase.

Cook Up a Storm

Ginsai Sakura Sushi Dishes Set - £30.00

Ginsai Sakura set

Is your loved one a fan of Japanese home dining? Take your Japanese home dining game up a notch this Christmas with this sushi dish set, perfect for modern, casual but stylish Japanese home dining. Exclusive to The Japanese Shop, this stylish plate set is made in Japan and contains a pair each of ceramic plates, matching dishes and wooden chopsticks, all coated in a velvety black glaze with an elegant silver cherry blossom design. Order from The Japanese Shop


Five All-purpose Ceramic Cups - £24.98

Ceramic Tall Cup Set
Take your home beverage game up a gear with this set of five tall Japanese ceramic cups. Made exclusively in Japan, they come finished in different rustic colours and patterns, from creamy white to brick red, mustard yellow and ivy green. Similar in shape to most drinking glasses, they can be used to serve cold glasses of tea or juice, or hot teas and coffees. Order from Japan Centre.


Shokado Bento Box - £19.98

Shokado Bento BoxJapanese food is famous for its elaborate presentation. Now you (or your loved one) can copy Japanese serving style with ease with this authentic and effortless bento box.  The box is durable, easy to look after, and ideal for presenting traditional Japanese-style lunches and dinners. Finished in a wood-effect black lacquer on the outside and a smooth red lacquer on the inside, it allows aspiring Japanese chefs to easily separate and compartmentalise different dishes using its five compartments. Order from Japan Centre.


Nigiri Bento Box - £24.99

Nigiri Bento Box

The perfect gift for that sushi lover you know! Whether they'll fill it with genuine sushi or just slop in their homemade chilli, everything looks more inspiring once it’s inside the Nigiri Bento Box. With its fun and fresh sushi design, it's as much a slick, minimalist ornament as it is a fabulous food container. Made up of two generously-sized plastic compartments sealed with silicone lids, the ‘sushi’ is secured together by an elasticated 'seaweed' strap to keep everything snugly in place and help prevent backpack explosions. Order from Firebox.

Release Your Inner Child

Food Fun Origami for Kids - £4.99

Food Fun Origami Paper Kit

Combine kawaii, craft AND cooking with this food fun origami kit, a fun-filled colourful pack of Japanese origami paper for kids to fold delicious looking cake and ice creams. The kit contains 36 sheets of origami paper in four fun food-related designs: cakes, cupcakes, ice creams and sundaes, as well as folding techniques and instructions for each of the four projects. Best of all, it’s educational as well as fun, since origami is said to enhance imagination and concentration as well as develop dexterity through stimulation of fine motor skills. Order from Firebox.


Kawaii Cakes - £9.99

Kawaii Cakes

Let your loved one learn how to bake adorable Japanese-inspired cookies, cakes and more with this book by insta-bake hero and food writer Juliet Sear. The book guides budding kawaii bakers through easy (and not at all creepy) recipes for bunny macarons, avocado cookies and cloud-shaped cakes - all with giant cute Japanese eyes, of course. Don’t be put off by those naysayers who say adults shouldn’t be spending their time icing animal faces onto tiny sponge cakes. Crack out the icing bag and give yourself a lovely kawaii sugar high, then break the internet with your perfectly iced kitten cupcakes. Order from Firebox

Kawaii Animal Mugs - £10.99 each

Kawaii Animal Mugs

If you have a loved one for whom even several trays full of iced rabbit cookies isn’t enough kawaii, then why not throw in one of these equally adorbs animal mugs? The kawaii fan in your life will be as happy as one of the bunnies they just finished icing once they’re sipping their hot brew from one of these generously sized mugs, inspired by the impossibly cute designs of Japanese pop culture. Choose between a fox, bear, cat and panda, or treat them to the whole woodland family. Crafted from quality ceramic, the perky little creatures all sport big doe eyes, cute button noses, and pointy ears poking up from the rim of the cup. Order from Firebox.

Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl - £24.99

Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl
It doesn’t get much cuter than this! Whether you’re chowing down on yakisoba or just munching a bowl of soggy Cheerios, it’s not every day that you get to slurp your noodles from a mythical creature! Add a little magic to your loved one’s meals with Elodie the Unicorn Ramen Bowl. This enchanted noodle bowl splits into two parts so it can be used as two bowls or as one bowl plus a lid with Elodie’s smiling face to keep your dinner hot. Even better, Elodie has been specifically designed to fit a block of instant noodles in her without breaking it. Order from Firebox.

Fill Up on Festive Spirit

Sol Lucet Koshu Wine - £14.00 per bottle

Sol Lucet Koshu Wine

Treat your loved one to a case of six bottles of Sol Lucet Koshu, a light bodied white wine showcasing the pure, fresh flavours of Japanese citrus fruits such as yuzu and kabosu. Sake or beer, rather than wine, is probably what springs to mind when you think of ‘Japanese alcohol’. However, Koshu, used to make this wine, is the most important grape variety in Japan, where it has been grown for over 1,000 years. Selected by M&S winemaker Jeneve Williams, this 2015 vintage was made by Kurambon Wine Co. in Yamanashi prefecture. The region’s extremes of hot and cold mixed with rich volcanic soils are what give the wine its refreshing taste. Order from Marks & Spencer.

Hitachino Nest Beer Glass - £3.99

Hitachino Nest Beer Glass

Is your loved one more of a beer swiller than a wine sipper? Treat them to a taste of Hitachino Nest from their very own branded glass. One of the most internationally best-known Japanese craft beer brands, it is brewed by Kiuchi Brewery, who have been brewing sake since 1823. In 1994, they turned their hand to beer to great acclaim, and have since won sackfuls of awards. Pick your loved one's poison from among White, Amber, Pale and Real Ginger Ales, Weizen or Saison du Japon and add on a small yet stylish branded Hitachino glass for your loved one to quaff them from. Order from BeerHunter.

Gifts for Giving

Chrysanthemum Japanese Incense Set - £22.00

Chrysanthemum Japanese Incense Set
Encased in a simple yet stylish balsa wood gift box, this Japanese incense set would make an ideal gift for someone who appreciates Japanese incense or just fine scents in general. Exclusive to The Japanese Shop, the set consists of a blue ceramic incense stand with a traditional Japanese bird design on and two packs of organic incense sticks which take 15-17 minutes to burn. The green sticks are made from violet musk, while the refreshing but heavy scent of the grey sticks was formulated from borneolum (camphor). Order from The Japanese Shop.

Japanese Woodblocks Wall Calendar - £9.18

Japanese Woodblocks Wall Calendar

This calendar is filled with a visually dazzling array of woodblock prints from masterful Japanese artists such as Katsushika Hokusai and Utagawa Hiroshige. The artworks feature elegant irises, cascading waterfalls and snowy landscapes, all created in a mesmerizing style and displayed with vibrant colours. In this wall calendar with a glittered cover, informative text accompanies each work and the datepad features previous and next month’s views. Order from W.H. Smith.

Daruma Cup - £15.99

Rocking Daruma Cup
Enable your loved one to enjoy their favourite Japanese teas with a little fun mixed in with the tea leaves, thanks to this daruma teacup. Made in Japan, this handleless teacup is finished with a bright red daruma lucky doll design. Just like the daruma dolls on which it’s based, the cup has been specially weighted so that when it is tipped to the side it will rock back into an upright position (we don’t recommend trying it out while the cup is still full!). It  comes in a stylish wooden display box that can be used as a tissue box cover. Order from Japan Centre.


Black Maneki Neko Cat - £40.00

Black Maneki NekoGive your loved one the gifts of luck AND wealth for the coming year with this handsome black ceramic maneki neko (welcoming cat) money box. Also known as a beckoning cat, it has red tipped ears, a red scarf and a gold bell round his neck. Its left paw is raised which is believed to bring prosperity and good health to the owner. With a slit in the back, it can also be used as a money box and has black kanji characters on the front meaning “billions”, so your loved will soon be raking in the pennies! Order from Japan Centre.

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