Rickshaw Travel Adds Japan Tours to its Destination Portfolio

Rickshaws in Arashiyama ©Yasufumi Nishi

Rickshaw Travel has launched its new Japan trips this year from from 31st August, 2017. Build your own dream holiday from their eight 2-4 day mini trips.

With the launch of its new Japan trips this summer, travellers with Rickshaw Travel are now able to create their own unique holiday to Japan by combining any of their range of 2-4 day bite-size trips to a number of popular destinations across Japan, including Hiroshima, Takayama, Nara and Kyoto. 

With the additions of Japan to Rickshaw Travel’s growing portfolio, the independent tour operator and meaningful travel company now offers trips in 26 destinations across Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

Lloyd Kane, Director at Rickshaw Travel, said: “We are thrilled to launch our new Japan experiences as this destination has been in demand for some time. Our trips will give travellers the opportunity to discover iconic highlights and immerse themselves in Japan’s thriving culture by visiting the heart of local communities, enjoying enriching experiences and learning new skills.” 

According to figures from Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO), in the first half of 2017 (January to June), Japan had already welcomed 13,757,300 visitors, up by more than 17% compared to the same period in 2016. The figures also show an increase in visitors coming to the country for tourism (up 26%) as opposed to business. 
Travellers on Rickshaw Travel’s new bite-size Japan trips will be able to experience everything from mighty Mount Fuji to ancient temples and vibrant neon skylines – all while constantly grazing on delicious Japanese cuisine. 
Using a minimum of three trips for each itinerary, each of Rickshaw’s eight mini Japan trips can be combined much like a jigsaw to create a full, personalised itinerary. The new bite-size trips include:


Lake Ashinoko, Hakone

Stay at the foot of Mount Fuji and beside Lake Ashinoko, a spectacular setting from which to take in the majesty of Mt Fuji whilst experiencing the town’s attractions. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £545 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Motoyasu River and Atomic Bomb Dome ©JTA

Known for its tragic past, today Hiroshima is a vibrant cosmopolitan city full of leafy boulevards, wild nightlife and a thriving food scene. Spend some time at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial park, reflecting on the history that unfolded here. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £368 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Kenrokuen Garden ©Ishikawa Prefecture Tourist Association and Kanazawa Convention Bureau
On Japan’s north coast, Kanazawa is a seafood-lover’s paradise. The city is bursting with culture and history, from the beautifully preserved samurai  and geisha districts to Kenrokuen, one of the country’s finest gardens in the grounds of the local castle. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £285 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Pontocho, Kyoto ©JTA
If your image of Japan is one of ancient temples, perfectly manicured Zen gardens and traditional tea ceremonies, then Kyoto is an absolute must-visit. Discover the city’s hidden gems on a cycling tour along narrow streets and backstreets. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £415 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Matsumoto Castle ©JTA

Nestled amongst Japan’s beautiful alpine mountains lies the charming little city of Matsumoto. Take in the views, check out the castle and museums, and soak up the relaxing alpine atmosphere. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £248 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Dotonbori, Osaka
Osaka is known for its unique culinary delicacies, giant skyscrapers and samurai past. Get under the skin of the city, whether you choose to visit temples, conquer steps to stunning views, bask in the neon lights of the central district’s bustling markets and arcades, or all of the above. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £275 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Gokayama Village ©Gokayama Tourist Information Center
Spend two nights in this atmospheric town, wandering the streets of the merchant district and getting lost in its culture and intangible charm. Learn all about the art of sake-making on a tasting tour in a brewery and even opt to try your hand at a spot of Japanese gardening of you dare. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £398 per person, based on standard accommodation.


Showa Kinen Park 2013 ©Yasufumi Nishi
One of the world’s truly great cities, and also one of the most surprising, Tokyo is a thrilling mix of the past and future. Amongst the sci-fi neon signs and cutting edge architecture, you’ll still find beautiful remnants of Japan’s shogun past waiting to be explored. Three days, two nights. Prices start from £365 per person, based on standard accommodation.
If this veritable smorgasbord of adventures has you caught in the paralyzing grip of indecision then not to worry, as Rickshaw Travel have also created some suggested itineraries to help out those struggling to decide between their tempting mini trips:

Japan in a Nutshell

Tokyo Tower ©Yasufumi Nishi

This compact itinerary is perfect if you’re short on time but want to take in three of Japan’s most famous cities in one go, namely Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. 10 days, nine nights. Prices start from £1,598 based on standard accommodation.

Ancient Forts and Futuristic Cities

Osaka Castle

This varied itinerary combines the range of incredible contrasts that make up Japan, as you spend just over two weeks exploring the heart of the country. You’ll be whisked off (on hi-tech bullet trains, no less) to experience the unique pop-culture of Japan’s neon-lit cities, fest on foodie treats and marvel at the majestic Mt Fuji and historic sites. 15 days, 14 nights. Prices start from £2,985 per person based on standard accommodation.

Meaningful travel – or travelling in a way that benefits everybody involved – is the core ethos of Rickshaw Travel. Their goal is that travellers benefit from enriching experiences where they learn something new - whether it is about the destination, culture, a skill or about themselves - and at the same time the local people, animals and/or the environment benefit too.

Rickshaw Travel’s flexible approach enables adventurous holidaymakers to embark on journeys of independent exploration as they visit the heart of a destination and experience the real spirit of a local culture. And while you’re on the road, they specialise in providing small-scale, authentic accommodation that truly reflects the character of each destination.

The new Japan trips include a mix of popular highlights and meaningful experiences that offer travellers a taste of authentic Japanese culture, history and adventure. So whether it is sake tasting in a local brewery or learning traditional Japanese gardening techniques, visitors will get the chance to experience the real Japan whilst also travelling in a way that also positively benefits the local people and environment.

To find out more, visit www.rickshawtravel.co.uk/asia/japan.

About Rickshaw Travel 

Rickshaws ©Q.Sawami

Rickshaw Travel is an independent tour operator based in Brighton. They are committed to providing enriching, immersive travel experiences that take holidaymakers off the beaten path and into the heart of local communities. 

They are also dedicated to protecting nature and wildlife – and encouraging travellers to do the same – for example, by developing an Animal Welfare Policy, committing to supporting the end of elephant riding, and auditing trips involving any type of wild animal interaction. 

The company’s style of travel is unique – they offer a range of carefully selected bite-size trips, typically 2-4 days long, which can be combined to create the perfect itinerary. Their bite-size trips include a range of local excursions, charming authentic accommodation and some transfers to ensure a hassle-free holiday. The company’s turnover and passengers carried increased by 50% from 2015 to 2017 and the company is aiming for a further 30% increase by 2019. 

For more information, visit Rickshaw Travel's website www.rickshawtravel.co.uk, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or call 01273 934 823.
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