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Read on to find out about travelling Japan without leaving the comfort of your own (motor)home with Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays’ new escorted tour to Japan...

With its stunning kerbside scenery and polite and courteous drivers, Japan makes an ideal motorhoming tour destination. Join an escorted tour to Japan with motorhoming holidays’ specialist Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays, who have just completed their first escorted motorhome tour of Japan - the first tour of its kind in Japan.  

The tour departed on 1st June 2017 and followed a 20-day route across Japan’s beautiful countryside, taking in castles, shrines, the bustling city of Tokyo and stunning vistas of Japan’s forests, lakes, mountains and paddy fields on the way, as well as iconic views of Mount Fuji. It also included a number of excursions such as a ride on the famous bullet train to Hiroshima Peace Park, a visit to the UNESCO Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, and a guided city tour of Tokyo.

Check out these photos from Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays for a taster of the natural beauty that you’ll be able to admire from the window of your home-on-wheels as you zip along Japan’s scenic winding mountain roads and park up under the stars at tranquil lakeside campsites each night.

Kawaguchiko new bridge campground

The motorhomes and campervans for the tour were hired from Japan Campers, with each vehicle equipped with a handy iPad, pre-populated with the location of each campsite in the navigation system to ensure that all the tourers could find their way to their accommodation each night without any problems.

Tourers do not have to travel in convoy, so all the tour group members were able to explore Japan at their own pace, but with the peace of mind of knowing that all campsites (and some excursions) had been pre-booked by the Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays team - and that they would easily be able to find their way there using the pre-programmed iPad!

The tour group consisted of a medley of different travellers, from couples to friends and solo travellers. Tour Escorts Nelson and Barbara Lacey were on hand to greet everyone on arrival and for the duration of the tour, providing tailor-made support and advice to ensure that everyone was able to make the most of this holiday of a lifetime.
Tour Escorts Nelson and Barbara Lacey
Thanks to its successful first run, the tour has now been extended to 21 days and is scheduled to run again this November, with two further departures slated for May and October 2018. The first tour of its kind in Japan, the new tour has received fantastic feedback from tour members who joined the first departure: 

"We had the opportunity to visit so many different and diverse places."
“I had never thought about Japan as a destination until I saw it in the Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays brochure. I called the same day and booked! It was absolutely stunning; I was pleasantly surprised at how mountainous the countryside was and how calm and polite the local people were.”

"Our guide was an absolute treasure, she really did make sure we were all well catered for in every respect."
"The iPad (navigation) supplied by Japan Campers was absolutely essential, and was loaded with directions to every possible place of interest."

Japan is an ideal place to explore by motorhome, thanks to not only its stunning scenery and interesting cultural sights, but also its well-maintained roads and reputation as a nation of polite and courteous drivers. 

With a leisurely 20-day plus schedule and the freedom that comes with having your own wheels, participants on Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays’ tour are able to visit many more destinations within Japan than is usually possible on a typical tour. The circular tour covers a total driving distance of 950 miles, starting in Tokyo and passing through Nikko, Matsumoto and the Japan Alps, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara and the Fuji Five Lakes before concluding back in Tokyo. 

Plus, the tour group size is limited to a maximum of 10 vehicles per tour, so you will soon find yourself among a group of cosy and intimate friends as you take to the open road to explore everything Japan has to offer. 

Thinking of exploring Japan on wheels? The Land of the Rising Sun tour costs from £4,265 pp. View the full tour itinerary or make an enquiry about the tour on Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays’ website here.

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