Tokyo Cheaper than Dubai, Singapore and New York for Holidaymakers

Tokyo Tower skyline

A new Post Office Travel Money report confirms that Tokyo offers better value for money in eight out of eleven areas surveyed than similar city break destinations in Asia and America.

The Post Office Travel Money Long Haul City Costs Barometer found that Tokyo provides significantly better value for money in nearly all areas than other popular city break destinations such as Dubai, Beijing and Singapore, as well as more far-flung cities such as Cape Town, New York and Toronto. 

Tokyo performed particularly well in the area of food and drink. The Post Office found that the cost of eating out is lowest in Tokyo, where a three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of house wine costs just under £34.  This means that eating out for three evenings in Japan costs around the same as just one meal in Singapore (£101.20). Tokyo’s typical cafe or bar drinks such as coffee, beer and Coca Cola, were also all the lowest-priced of any of the cities surveyed, including the overall winner Bangkok.  

The survey, which looked at typical costs in ten cities with flight times of six or more hours from UK airports, found that Tokyo is the second best value destination for long haul city breaks, beaten only by the Thai capital Bangkok in a couple of areas. Tokyo’s total basket price was around half the price of North American and Canadian cities such as Toronto, New York and Boston.

The survey compared eleven typical purchases made by tourists on a city break, including food and drink, airport transfers, sightseeing, and three nights’ accommodation. The costs were then added together to give a total basket price, in order to determine which city offers the best overall value for money. It found that Tokyo boasts the cheapest prices by far for eight out of the ten non-accommodation items surveyed.

Tokyo Tower

The Japanese capital also gave a strong performance in the area of attractions and activities. At £11.56, the cost of a sightseeing city bus or boat tour is the cheapest of all the cities surveyed except for Cape Town, while in Tokyo it is also possible to enjoy top class museums and heritage attractions for free.

Tokyo’s great value costs for food and drink, attractions and entertainment mean that it leads the pack by a considerable margin before hotel costs are added on. Purchasing the ten items surveyed in Japan would cost visitors a total of  £57.84. Only Cape Town comes anywhere close to rivalling Tokyo; with a total of £84.85, it is also the only other city whose total basket comes in at under £100. 

After adding on the cost of 3 nights' 4* accommodation (weekend) for 2 adults, Tokyo’s total basket price came in at £330.84, while Bangkok’s totalled £316.93. Higher costs of accommodation in Tokyo compared to Bangkok mean that the Japanese capital ultimately loses out to the Thai capital - but only by a narrow margin of £13.91.

The results of the survey show that holiday costs in Tokyo can be much cheaper than many might expect, proving that the days when Tokyo was fêted as the most expensive city in the world are long gone. Not only is it considerably cheaper than rival long haul cities in North America and Canada, Tokyo also offers just as much or more value for money as other low-cost nearby Asian cities such as Beijing and Bangkok.

This means that cost should be no barrier to fulfilling your dreams to travel to Japan. And getting there does not have to break the bank either. Several European carriers including Air France, KLM, Finnair, and Lufthansa, regularly offer return flights to top cities in Japan with a short stopover in Europe for around £500. Find information on cheap flights to Japan on our Latest Offers page.

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