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Many people think that flying to Japan entails a wildly long flight, and even more wild expenses, but that's not the case! Flights to Japan in recent years have become very reasonable, meaning that it's often cheaper to fly to Japan than many other popular destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam and nearby Asian countries.

A direct flight from the UK to Japan usually takes around 11-12 hours, which is the same time as it takes to get to Thailand. Average prices for these flights can be anywhere from £600 - £5,000 depending on whether you choose to fly economy or business class.

Indirect flight routes to Japan are becoming increasingly popular, as they are great value for money and do not take much longer than direct flights. Airlines such as Finnair, Air France and KLM fly from the UK to Japan in around 14 hours, with a short stop off in their regional hubs in Helsinki, Paris or Amsterdam. Flight prices for these in-direct routes can be as little as £409 return.

For details on the various Japan-bound airlines, please see below.

Carriers who fly to Japan:

Direct carriers

There are three airlines which currently operate direct flights to Japan. These are: ANA (All Nippon Airways), JAL (Japan Airlines) and BA (British Airways).

Information about these carriers and their current flight prices can be found on their respective websites.

ANA's website

British Airways' website

JAL's website

Indirect carriers

There are many different ways and routes to reach Japan from the UK. Some of the most popular routes, which offer incredibly economical prices, can be seen below. Don't be fooled into thinking that the indirect route involves lengthy stop-overs - sometimes they can be as little as an hour, and are often very short, particularly when changing planes within Europe.

Air France's website

KLM's website

Emirates' website

Cathay Pacific's website

Finnair's website