Japan online training

Kabira Bay

Let's start with learning about the location, how to get there, international airports and best times to visit.

Do I need a Visa? Will my mobile work? Can I use my bank cards in Japan? Do I need cash? All questions will be answered here.

Is Japan expensive? Can I get by without any knowledge of Japan ? What is a Japanese style bath? Do I have to eat sushi every day in Japan? 

The JR Pass provides excellent value for money when travelling the length of Japan. We will also introduce you to the traditional Japanese Inn 'the Ryokan'.

Japan’s Golden Route is one of the most popular tourist routes for first time visitors. Experience futuristic Tokyo, Hakone National Park, traditional Kyoto and beyond, whilst travelling on the famous bullet train.

Incredible powder snow conditions awaits skiers, admiring the snow monkeys enjoying the hot springs, getting excited by the wonderful Sumo matches and more!