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New Convention Center Opening in Shizuoka Prefecture

August 02, 2011

Shizuoka Prefecture, located at the center of the Japanese archipelago, mixes natural beauty with an ease of access and is set to draw even more international meeting delegates to its beautiful area with the upcoming opening of the new Tobu Convention Center.  

The region, known around the world as the home of Mt. Fuji, has been designated by the regional government as “an area of healthy urban communities centered around Mt. Fuji that communicate with the world”. It is promoting the Fuji Pharma Valley Project, with the Shizuoka Cancer Center at its core, and aiming to promote international events in the area with a tie to the medical industry.

Kira Messe Numazu, which opened in October 1998 on the north side of Numazu Station, the eastern gateway to Shizuoka, boasted a total of more than five million visitors before it was closed in March 2010. The new Tobu Convention Center is due to open in its place in 2014, and will be equipped with conference facilities including a main meeting room for up to 1,300 participants, exhibition facilities with a floor area of 3,900 square metres, a hotel with 150 guestrooms, and a parking lot for more than 500 cars. The exhibition and event facility will be opened first in 2013.

The facility will be built next to the North Exit of Numazu Station, which is about one hour from Tokyo using the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train and the regular JR line.

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