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Transportation - JR Pass

  • The Japan Rail Pass, which is issued by the JR (Japan Railway) Group, offers travellers excellent value for money and convenience. The Rail Pass enables the almost unlimited use of JR trains and its affiliated bus and ferry services within various areas of Japan.

    The Japan Rail Pass is available only to people from abroad who wish to come to Japan as "temporary visitors" for sightseeing. It can be purchased from travel agents or online. Once you've purchased the rail pass, you will be sent a voucher in the post. Once you have been through customs at the airport, you can obtain your pass from the Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office at the airport (but do be careful to check the opening times of these offices, as they are not open 24 hours per day. See opening times here).

    Where exchange orders are sold
    The Exchange Order of Japan Rail Pass can be purchased from various travel agencies and tour operators in the UK.  Agencies selling the JR Pass in the UK include: InsideJapan Tours, ViaJapan Holidays, Japan Experience, Japan Travel Centre, JTB  Jaltour and Toptour Europe. . Overseas offices of Japan Airlines (JAL)* and All Nippon Airways (ANA) also handle the Exchange Order.
    *When using JAL group flight.

    Seat Reservations
    An online seat reservation service is provided by JR East, but other companies do not offer online booking options from overseas. If you'd like to book a seat for your travel, you can visit the JR Ticket Offices in major stations. Booking a seat in advance is advised if you're travelling at a busy time, such as during cherry blossom season or on 1st, 2nd and 3rd January. If you have not booked a seat, you can use the 'unreserved seating' carriages.

    Japan Rail Pass and Other JR Passes
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