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    Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan. Mineral water including major imported brands can be easily obtained from super markets, convenience stores and other similar places.

    Medical systems and facilities in Japan are well established so that you can expect to receive a high standard medical treatment, should you have a problem with your health during your stay.

    There are no inoculations required for entering Japan from anywhere around the world.

    You can bring any prescription medicine into Japan without any special procedures on the condition that: (1)  you bring it only for your own use
    (2)  it is not a prohibited drug such as methamphetamines
    (3)  it is not an illegal narcotic
    (4)  it is only a one month supply

    To bring more than a one month supply of prescription medication with you to Japan, you will need to acquire a form know as a "Yakkan Shoumei". The procedure for acquiring this form can take a couple of weeks, so please do take care to do this well in advance of your trip. Full details concerning this form can be found here:

    Contact lenses can be brought to Japan, but in no more than a two month supply.

    Cosmetic items can be brought to Japan, but there is a limit of 24 per one type of item e.g. 24 lipsticks (regardless of brand, colour).

    Further details can be found on this website:

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