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The value of the Japanese yen has weakened considerably, meaning the cost of travelling in Japan has dropped by almost 40%* for those from the UK. Like most countries, Japan offers a range of experiences for everyone from luxury travellers to backpackers. There are a wide variety of budget accommodation options, transportation passes and sightseeing discounts, which help to make Japan an affordable destination for even the most budget conscious traveller. It is worthwhile taking the time to decide which options will best suit your stay.

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* In November 2012, £1=128 yen; At 30 March 2015, £1=178 yen.

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    The price chart below is designed to give an idea of what you can expect to pay for a variety of everyday and travel-related items in Japan. The prices in euros and sterling are the yen costs converted so you can see what it equals in your currency.
     Food & Drink
     Cola (350ml)
     120  0.92 0.67
     Mineral Water (500ml)
     120  0.92  0.67
     McDonald's Hamburger
     100  0.77  0.56
     Cup of Coffee (short at Dotour)
     200  1.54  1.12
     Beer (pint)
     500 3.85

     Restaurants  JP¥ EU€  GB£
     Conveyor Belt Sushi
     108  0.83 0.61
     Tachigui (one dish eg. soba noodles)
     280  2.16  1.58
     Izakaya (casual Japanese style pub eg. Watami course menu including 3 hours of drinks)
     3,500  26.96  19.70
     Yoshinoya beef bowl
     280 2.16

     Accommodation  JP¥  EU€
    Youth Hostel (per person eg. Tokyo Central YH)
     3,450  26.58 19.43
     Business Hotel (single room eg. Toyoko Inn in central Tokyo)
     6,804  52.42  38.31
     Western Style Hotel (mid range, double room)
     15,000  115.57  84.46
     Japanese Inn (per person eg. ryokan in Hakone area)
     9,000 69.33

     Transport & Tours
     Japan Rail Pass - 7 Day Pass
     29,110  224.20 164.08
     Underground Fare (single ride on Tokyo Metro)
     170  1.31  0.96
     One day underground pass
     710  5.47  4.00
     Guided Tour (half -day Tokyo sight seeing tour)
     5,000  38.50  28.17
     Night bus fare (Tokyo - Kyoto eg. on Willer bus)
     3,520  27.11  19.82
     Domestic air fare: JAL 'Yokoso Japan Airpass' (one sector, incl taxes)
     10,800  83.17  60.81
     ANA Experience Japan Fare (any where in Japan, incl tax)
     10,800 83.17

     Amusement / Entertainment
    Sumo (2nd floor, section C, reserved seat)
     29.27 21.40
     Karaoke (2 hours)
     600 4.62

     JP¥ EU€
    100 Yen Store (100 yen + 8% sales tax)
     108 0.77
     T -Shirt (UNIQLO)
     1,080  7.70  5.63
     Yukata (cotton Kimono eg. UNIQLO)
     4,320   33.27  24.33
     Digital camera (12 megapixel)
     30,300  233.27  170.70
     Japan Times Newspaper (published in English)
     1.54 1.12

    Prices are correct as of 30 March 2015 based on the exchange rate of £1 = 178 yen and €1 = 130 yen.


    Dining out in Japan doesn't have to be expensive. Restaurant dining in Tokyo, for example, is certainly no more expensive than in most other world capitals and is often better value for money. Wherever you travel, restaurants in popular tourist areas will always cost more. Follow the locals and you will generally find both lower prices and more authentic Japanese cuisine. Avoid restaurants that don't list their prices outside the door. The people who can afford to eat in these places don't need to know how much they will have to pay. Budget dining can usually be enjoyed at more casual establishments such as izakaya (Japanese pubs), shokudo (general eating places, often with set meals), and okonomiyaki restaurants ('Japanese pizza' places).

    For more information on Japanese food please see this link.

    If you are flying to Japan with one of the country's national carriers, Japan Airlines (JAL) or All Nippon Airways (ANA), and intend to take a domestic flight during your stay, it is worth buying your domestic ticket in conjunction with your international ticket. Both JAL and ANA can offer considerable savings on the cost of internal flights purchased in this way. There are also a number of low-cost carriers in Japan, including Vanilla Air, Jetstar Japan and Peach Aviation. Click here to find out more about discounts on domestic airfares.

    With the Japan Rail Pass, overseas visitors to Japan can enjoy discounted travel on nearly all services of the extensive JR transportation network, including the shinkansen or 'bullet train'. There are also a variety of other rail passes, which offer significant reductions on rail travel in Japan. Long distances buses and local train services are other low-cost transport options.

    Taxis in Japan are expensive so long taxi rides are best avoided. Fortunately Japan's efficient and affordable local transportation networks mean that taxis are rarely required.

    For further information on transport within Japan please see this link.

    The cost and quality of accommodation in Japan is comparable with that of most other developed countries and there is something to suit every taste and wallet. Budget options include the Welcome Inn Group, the Japanese Inn Group, the Japan Economy Hotel Group, the Japan City Hotel Association and Youth Hostels. Brochures for each these organisations are available from your nearest JNTO Office.

    Japanese Inn Group
    Japan Economy Hotel Group
    Japan City Hotel Association
    Youth Hostels

    Reasonably priced accommodation can also be booked on-line at:
    Japan Travel Bureau
    Nippon Travel Agency
    Holders of the Japan Rail Pass are entitled to a 10% discount on accommodation at any of the JR Group of Hotels. There are 30 JR Hotels across Japan.
    JR Hotels across Japan

    For more information on accommodation please see this link.

    Grutto Pass 2014 is a ticket booklet which provides one-time admission or discount to the 78 facilities in Tokyo. Grutto Pass 2014 is valid until 31 March 2015. Information about the 2015 Grutto Pass will be available soon here.

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