Practical Info - Customs

  • Before entering Japan, you will be asked to fill in a customs form on the airplane, to hand in once you reach the customs officials at the Japanese airport. This form will be similar to those you may have encountered when travelling to other countries outside the EU, such as USA. Here is an example of what the customs form looks like:

    As with other countries, there are restrictions on dangerous items such as weapons, as well as plant products and live animals. There are also restrictions on bringing certain food products into Japan, such as meat, vegetables, rice and fruit. These items would need to be cleared through quarantine before being permitted into the country.

    Clothes, toiletry articles, and other personal effects that are for personal use, as well as professional equipment that will be used during your stay in Japan, are all free of duties and/or taxes, if they are considered quantitatively appropriate and are not for sale.

    If you are bringing items which exceed the limits of the duty/tax free allowance, details about the amount of taxes you will need to pay can be found here:

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