Japanese Style Accommodation

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From traditonal inns to Buddhist temple lodgings, Japan offers accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Look here for details on what's available and what to expect, as well as useful links to help you find your home away from home.

Accommodation - Japanese Style


    A traditional inn (ryokan) in Japan. Ryokan are authentic old-style Japanese hotels and inns where long-held traditions are still observed. Staying in a Ryokan offers foreign visitors a wonderful opportunity to taste the true flavour of traditional Japanese life, including Japanese-style bathing, traditional clothing, futon bedding and authentic cuisine. Ryokan are characterised by a high quality of service, including a personal maid in many establishments. Rates vary from budget to luxury options. Over 2,000 Ryokan across Japan are registered members of the Japan Ryokan Association.

    For more general information ryokans and etiquette please visit our ryokan guide or download the Japan Hotel and Ryokan Association's guide to staying in a Japanese hotel.

    Search for ryokans in Japan via Ryokan Association, Japaneseguesthouses.com, Selected Onsen Ryokan and Japanican.com.

    Minshuku SasayoriMinshuku are family run businesses where guestrooms are rented out in family homes. They are moderately priced lodgings, often located in popular resort areas. Minshuku do not offer the same level of service and facilities as hotels or Ryokan but guests are able to enjoy a warm family environment and home-style cooking. Minshuku accommodation is generally priced at between ¥6,000 (£34) and ¥8,000 (£45) per person, per night (including two meals)*.

    Gokayama Onsen Kokumin Shukusha Gokanso, Rakuten TravelKokumin Shukusha offer moderately priced accommodation within National Parks and other areas of scenic beauty throughout Japan. This style of accommodation is usually very simple, but adequate for travellers not looking for luxury. Private rooms are commonly available but facilities are often shared. Accommodation in Peoples Lodges usually costs less than ¥6,000 (£36) per person per night on a room only basis, and ¥8,000 (£49) per person per night with two meals included.

    Living with a Japanese host family is fabulous way to experience daily Japanese life and culture. Whether you're studying Japanese or just want to get to know the culture a little better, living with a Japanese family can give you an insight beyond that which most travellers take away after visiting Japan, and will also allow you to experience the 'omotenashi' (hospitality) spirit of Japan firsthand.Home stays can be arranged for short trips or for several months, depending on your plans whilst in Japan.


    Monks outside a temple on Mt. Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. There are many temples throughout Japan offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about their religion by experiencing temple life first hand. Each temple has different expectations of its guests. Some require visitors to rise early with the monks for morning chanting or to help with temple chores, whilst others leave guests to decide how involved they wish to become in temple life. It is best to confirm these details when making a reservation. Temple facilities are generally very simple, however many have constructed special facilities to accommodate visitors. Rates for Shukubo accommodation vary but prices generally start at around ¥4,000* (£23) per person per night.

    Shukubo on Mt. Koya
    Temple lodgings in Japan
    Shunko-in Temple Kyoto

    Contact your nearest JNTO Office for a list of Shukubo or search on JNTO website.

    *The prices above are intended as a guide only.

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