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Japan Total Visitor Numbers Over 24 Million in 2016!

January 17, 2017

The statistics for the number of visitors to Japan between January and December 2016 have officially been disclosed and we’re delighted to announce another record breaking year for Japan tourism, with over 24 million visits from overseas in 2016!

The final count on visitor numbers between January and December last year totalled 24,039,000, a 21.8% increase on 2015’s total of 19,737,409. This marks the first time Japan has welcomed more than 20 million visitors in one year. Having achieved these milestone figures, the target of welcoming 40 million visitors by the Olympic Games in 2020 seems an ever more realisable goal for the Japanese tourism industry.

From the UK, visitor numbers between January and December increased from 258,488 in 2015 to 292,500 in 2016, making the UK a leader in the European market (the UK was followed by France, which welcomed 253,400 visitors in 2016). Hironobu Nara, Director of JNTO London Office, says “We are very pleased to have welcomed so many UK visitors last year, and this year we are looking forward to seeing more and more visitors from the UK. We see this as a market with great potential”. Despite a rocky year for exchange rates and politics, we want to say a big thank you to visitors who travelled to Japan last year, and we hope to see you back in the coming years! Mina-san, arigato!

With a steady increase in the number of international hotels opening (this year we will be welcoming Marriott hotels across Japan, as well as the new Conrad hotel in Osaka), the launch of two new luxury trains, new theme parks, museums, and with a favourable exchange rate for those earning in sterling, Japan is ready to welcome UK visitors with open arms. Find out more about what's new in Japan in 2017 here.

Looking forward, Japan will welcome the Rugby World Cup in 2019, with stadiums scattered far and wide across Japan’s islands and prefectures, and the Olympics Games in 2020. These international sports events will highlight Japan on a global stage as a fantastic travel destination for all. Whether you’re interested in sports, hiking, skiing, surfing, eating, or art and culture, Japan will not disappoint.

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