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Latest Hotel News for Japan

March 02, 2016

Nadeshiko Hotel - Capsule Hotel for Women in Shibuya

Situated just a quick ten minute walk from Shibuya Station in central Tokyo, Nadeshiko Hotel opened in April 2016 as an exclusively all-female capsule hotel.

The hotel features a pretty sento (hot spring) area where guests can try traditional Japanese bathing, as well as a communal area for meeting fellow travellers. To add to the traditional Japanese ambience inside, the staff wear kimono and guests are given their own yukata upon arrival to wear after their baths. The hotel also offers a service for dressing up in Kimono and having photos taken, to take home as souvenirs. For online reservations, see this website.

Hotel the M Innsomnia - Akasaka

15 March 2016 saw the opening of a new hotel in Akasaka - Hotel the M Innsomnia, "the hotel that never sleeps".

With a 24 hour cafe serving Kyoto coffee and an all-day, all-night gym, this hotel is ideal for busy people who need 24 hour service. Guests can rent out conference rooms for business, or even a kitchen and dining room for dinner parties, allowing them to bring their own food, cook with friends and not 'worry about the time'. With seven different types of guest rooms available, all with modern designs and free Wi-Fi, this hotel is ideal for busy business travellers.

Bookings can be made online on Innsomnia's website.

The Ryokan Opening in Yugawara

The Ryokan is new to the streets of Yugawara (a hot spring spot around an hour south of Tokyo) and offers tourists a chance to experience the atmosphere typical to Japanese ryokans (traditional inns) whilst on a budget.

The ryokan has been lovingly designed so that its various features reflect elements of Japanese culture and its attractions. The arched entrance is reminiscent of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine and its endless tunnel of vermillion ‘tori’ gates, whilst the red decorative lanterns bring to mind those of Sensoji Temple in Tokyo’s Asakusa.

The ryokan offers private rooms from around 5,800 yen (£37) per night, as well as shared rooms which costs around 3,000 yen (£19). In keeping with creating an authentic Japanese experience, the ryokan even comes complete with a natural hot spring, so guests can try their hand at communal bathing. See more on their website.

‘Japan’ Themed Rooms at Business Inn New City

New themed rooms at the Business Inn New City in Yokohama are more than enough reason to start getting over-excited. Whilst their anime themed rooms are already providing lots of business and drumming up enthusiasm for the hotel, the new ‘Japan’ themed rooms (which are sadly just on the male floors) mimic traditional Japanese spaces, as tatami mats adorn the floors and images of Japanese castles and samurai armour line the walls.

These rooms cost 4,000 yen (£25) per night, with check in starting at 3pm and check out  at 10am the following morning. For more information or gallery photos, see the website.


1 June 2016 will see MyCUBE by MYSTAYS open in Japan (a capsule style hotel for both men and women!)

These comfortable and elegantly decorated capsules will have space for 46 female guests and 115 male guests, and are approximately one minute's walk from Kurumae Station, or 15 minutes away from Asakusa Station, making it a great stopover location for sightseeing around Sensoji Temple.

There will be a café lounge, which will operate as a bar lounge by night, where visitors can eat and get to know one another. This is also where the complimentary breakfast of organic fruit and cereal will be served in the morning from 6:30 – 9am. Facilities include a smoking room, vending machines and also laundry facilities. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi, and rooms come complete with a flat screen TV and toiletries.

Capsule rooms cost around £43 per night per person. Bookings can be made online via

Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu Rebrand

The Matsmuoto Hotel Kagetsu is currently undergoing renovation as part of its rebrand, with current illustrations indicating a stylish, fashionable hotel in the heart of Nagano prefecture, perfect for visiting Matsumoto Castle.

The hotel’s new style will centre on the concept of "Mingei Philosophy - Memories of Everyday Matsumoto", featuring Japanese folk art for visitors to enjoy.

The hotel will open on 5 April 2016, and reservations are currently possible online via the website. Rooms for two adults will cost around £128 per night. Keep up to date with the new opening via their website.

Shibuya Hotel En Grand Opening

Shibuya Hotel En, just a stone’s throw from Yoyogi Park and around six minutes’ walk from Shibuya station, officially celebrated its grand opening on 5 February 2016.

Whilst rooms vary in style, from ‘Old Folk House Kominka’ to ‘Oriental’, ‘Factory Modern’, ‘Cave’ and ‘Japanese Modern’, and come with complimentary Wi-Fi and LCD TVs, it’s the decoration of the communal parts of the hotel which really stand out – with manga painted walls and a different theme on every floor.
The on-site restaurant specialises in Californian cuisine, while the bar list includes craft beers, wines and cocktails from across the globe.

The hotel has an English language website with reservations available online. Single rooms start at £153, whilst the Old Folk House Kominka room, at the other end of the scale, costs £359 for two. Visit the website for more details.

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