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Major Events in Japan in 2013

December 10, 2012


* Aichi Triennale -  10 August – 27 October 2013
Nagoya city’s surrounding area will host Aichi Triennale 2013 art festival from 10 August until 27 October 2013 in several sites in Aichi Prefecture.  Inviting as many as 30 artists from all over the world, Aichi Triennale presents the artworks on roadsides, the same format as the last Aichi Triennale in 2010.  Maintaining their unique format of roadside art displays, this is going to be the second event to show international arts reflected on the areas local manufacturing history (Nagoya’s main industry is the automotive business)  Nagoya is 1.5 hours by bullet train from Tokyo and 1 hour from Osaka.
* Setouchi Triennale
The Seto inland sea area has become Japan’s top art site among world contemporary art and design fans. In 2013, art fans have even more of a reason to visit, with the Setouchi Triennale 2013, a contemporary art festival held across four islands (Shamijima, Honjima, Awashima, and Ibukijima ), being held during three separate sessions (spring, summer, and fall) so visitors can experience the charm of the Seto Inland Sea’s changing seasons.

Yodogawa Technique "Black Porgy in Uno" Photo:Osamu NakamuraContemporary art has gained a prominent position in the region over the past two decades thanks to various art projects by the Benesse Art Site Naoshima  on the island of Naoshima and more recently on the islands of Teshima and Inujima. Visitors to the island will be charmed not only by the intriguing art but also by the laid back, slow paced rural atmosphere of the islands' villages and the beauty of the island scenery.
Spring:   20 March— 21 April 2013
Summer: 20 July— 1 September 2013
Autumn: 5 October— 4 November 2013

                                                                       Image: Yodogawa Technique Black Porgy in Uno. Photo Osamu Nakamura


the new Kabukiza Theatre to open in 2013* Kabukiza Tokyo – 2 April 2013
Ginza’s landmark will come back after a major reconstruction in April 2013 (see left for an artist's illustration of how it is expected to look).  Kabukiza Theatre, the main theatre of Japan’s traditional kabuki performance in Tokyo, is in the final phase of reconstruction for reopening on 2 April 2013.   Designed by the famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the new facility will represent Japan’s contemporary creativity and traditional culture.  Monthly performance schedule will follow the opening of the new theatre.
* Gran-roof at Tokyo station – autumn 2013
Gran Roof at Tokyo station will be a dynamic and airy roof complex standing at 27 metres high and spanning 234 metres connecting the high-rise twin towers of southern and northern Gran Tokyo on the Yaesu side of the Tokyo Station. It will be lined with shops and services.


* 43rd Tokyo Motor Show – From 22 November until 1 December 2013, this huge biennial motor show will take place at Tokyo Big Site.  The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the leading car shows in the world. It will introduce the latest models of the world in terms of engineering, eco technology, passenger safety and green car technology, including exciting concept cars.

* International Luxury Travel Mart (ILTM) JAPAN - 11-13 March 2013
ILTM has picked Kyoto for the 2013 event venue for ILTM Japan.  The country’s old capital will host the global luxury travel industry from 11-13 March 2013, extolling its beauty and cultural attractions for the luxury industry.  For the city of Kyoto, this will be a milestone event to be more formally recognized as a major luxury travel destination.

* Rebuilding of Ise Shrine – all year
The Ise Grand Shrine is Japan’s most esteemed shrine, dedicated to the Japanese royal family and is in fact a complex of 125 different shrines. In a tradition that has continued for 1,300 years, the shrine buildings at Naikū and Gekū, as well as the Uji Bridge, are rebuilt every 20 years as a part of the Shinto belief of the death and renewal of nature and the impermanence of all things — wabi-sabi — and as a way of passing building techniques from one generation to the next. The rebuilding of the main shrine takes place on an adjacent site next to the old, and each rebuilding alternates between the two sites. The next rebuilding of Naikū will take place in 2013.

And More...

  * Premium Express Shimakaze
On 21 May 2013, the premium express “Shimakaze” (meaning island wind) will debut from Kintetsu. The new train will run between Kashikojima (near Ise Shima) and Osaka Namba and Ise Shima and Nagoya.
The luxury train will feature real leather seats with electrically-powered leg rests and power outlets. Seating arrangements will include 4-seat Western-style and Japanese-style private compartments. The onboard café will serve well-known local products. Kintetsu was motivated to introduce the new train to coincide with the regular 20-year rebuilding of Ise Shrine.

Seven Stars Cruise Train in Kyushu, Japan* Cruise by Train in Kyushu
Starting October 2013, a new luxury way to travel will roll out in Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. The Seven Star Cruising Train will travel past some of the best sights of Kyushu all the while offering luxury moving accommodations and a way to experience the countryside at a relaxing pace. On this train "cruise" around Kyushu passengers will encounter the local cuisine, hot springs, natural scenery, history, culture and sights.

* Tokyo for 2020 Olympics?
British bookmakers have Tokyo as the favourite to host the 2020 Olympics. We hope they are right! In Buenos Aires on 7 September 2013, Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid will learn which of the three cities’ bids was has convinced the IOC to let it host the 2020 Olympics.  Tokyo last hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964 and also hosted the Winter Olympics twice; the 1972 and 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo and Nagano respectively.   Japan will be a very happy place on 7 September 2013, if Tokyo wins the bid.

Hotels Openings

Hotels opening in Japan in 2013, include Granbell Shinjuku in Tokyo and InterContinental Osaka. For full details about hotel openings, please click here.

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