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How to Meet a Geisha in Tokyo

May 17, 2012

Previously in the “flower and willow” world it was necessary to have an introduction or one couldn’t get into a geisha tea-house. Discovering how to meet geisha could seem an impossible task, especially on a budget.  Now you can book easily from your hotel or on the internet and Sayuki will make the arrangements for you.  Sayuki is the first white geisha in Japanese history. She debuted in Tokyo’s Asakusa district in 2007 and is currently working as an independent geisha in Tokyo.

Geisha entertainment in Asakusa, Tokyo 

Sayuki has combined with the Japanese tour agency HIS to allow first-time foreigners to come to a tea-house. There are basically two plans available.

1. Dinner with Geisha  
This is a boxed meal of tea-house cuisine with a drink (you can order more drinks if you like) at a beautiful traditional tea-house in Asakusa with Sayuki and one of her geisha sisters, usually a young dancing geisha from one of Tokyo's six geisha districts. The geisha will sit and talk with you and during the evening will also perform in Japanese music, flute and dancing.  Normally, it would cost a thousand dollars to do an exclusive evening with geisha. But through this special plan it is just 23,000 yen per person.
2. Drinks with Geisha
This is a simplified version of the above also at a beautiful traditional tea-house, but is not a full meal but just two drinks and snacks (you can order more drinks if you would like). The geisha will also sit with you and perform. This is from 9 pm to 11 pm and costs just 20,000 yen per person.

With either plan you can take photos with the geisha and ask all the questions you would like without any language barrier.  

For information about how to call geisha, or to book dinner with geisha at a tea-house, just contact Sayuki via her website,, or book through HIS at
Sayuki is also keen to do talks overseas showing footage of the life of a geisha, or do banquets or performances together with her geisha sisters.  

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