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Goldfish as Art @ ICN gallery

November 30, 2011

Goldfish Salvation – Riusuke Fukahori

1 December 2011 - 11 January 2012

Goldfish Salvation by Riusuke Fukahori

ICN gallery in London proudly presents Goldfish Salvation by artist Riusuke Fukahori from 1 Dec 2011 - 11 Jan 2012. His debut exhibition in London transforms ICN gallery into the world of goldfish, the artist's life long theme. Ten years ago when Fukahori faced a struggle with his artistic vision,an inspiration came to him from painting his pet goldfish. Ever since his passion has developed into an unique style of painting; using acrylic painted on clear resin poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance with a feeling of lifelike vitality. This rare exhibition comprises of twenty new painting works by one of Japan's leading contemporary artists.

‘Kingyo Sukui’ normally means ‘Goldfish scooping’ in Japanese, but the artist uses a homonym Chinese letter to create a unique expression, which can be translated as 'Goldfish Salvation’. When distressed with his career as an artist Fukahori noticed the fish tank beside his bed which housed a goldfish he had for years. He looked down into the fish tank which he abandoned cleaning and was given a breathtaking shiver. In the dirty water the goldfish’s shiny red silhouette moved mysteriously and was extremely beautiful. Thinking to himself “I’m sure she will save me”, he took out his red paint and painted her figure, a moment later there was a large shoal of goldfish in front of him. This was the day he calls ‘Kingyo sukui’, the day he was saved by the goldfish.

“I will keep searching for the motivation for my activities as an artist and my identity through goldfish. While salvaged and suffered by goldfish, I will live with goldfish and stare at myself further.” - Riusuke Fukahori

Over the years the goldfish breeding business has reached an extreme, perfecting goldfish in a variety of colours and shapes, they are admired as beautiful objects like ‘living sculptures’. Fukahori’s brush strokes capturing the liveliness, delicacy and dynamics of the goldfish and his sculpture works create an illusion by using resin to captive the painted surfaces creating a truly ‘living sculpture’.

A live painting performance by Riusuke Fukahori will be held on 3 December 14:00 - 15:00.

About ICN gallery:

ICN gallery is contemporary art gallery based in London that actively seeks to showcase and share with the UK public upcoming and young contemporary artists from Japan and other Asian countries. The gallery also has an authentic Japanese café.

A: 96 Leonard Street; London EC2A 4RH
T: 0207 729 7977
GALLERY HOURS: Mon-Sat    12pm-7pm
(Gallery closed between 23 Dec - 3 Jan)
CAFE HOURS: Mon-Sat    10am-7pm

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