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Travel Advice following Japan Earthquake & Tsunami - 7 April 2011

07/04/2011 11:00:00

Travel advice for people travelling to and in Japan following the earthquake and tsunami disasters from Japan National Tourism Organization, 7th April 2011.

The British Government, World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Maritime Organization, & International Civil Aviation Organization say its fine to travel to Japan. Both of Tokyo's airports - Narita and Haneda - are operating as normal and public transportation in and around Tokyo is back to running at very close to full capacity again. Other popular destinations, such as Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo, Kanazawa and Hiroshima, didn’t receive any impact from the earthquake.

Tohoku Region: north-eastern Tohoku is the area that was worst affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  Due to the nuclear power plant accident after the earthquake, Japanese Authorities' advise not to travel in the 30 kilometre exclusion zone around the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.
Tokyo and Surrounding Areas: Train services in and around Tokyo were restored soon after the earthquake. Visitors to Tokyo can use public transport to travel around the city. Some hotels and other businesses have shortened business hours so it is recommended to check their websites in advance.

Other Regions: Hokkaido, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu are unharmed, and tourism facilities and transportation service are operating as usual. It is still possible to have a great Japan holiday in these areas. To see some of the Japan holidays currently on offer to these areas, visit our Japan Holidays latest offers page

Governmental advice
- British Foreign and Commonwealth Office - say it is safe to visit all parts of Japan except the areas north east of Tokyo most directly affected by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami.
- Japanese Air Transport after the Earthquake - website launched by Ministry of Land Infrastrucuture, Transport and Tourism.
- Counter measures for 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake from Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
- Japan Meteorological Agency Earthquake Information
- Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan

News from international organizations
The following international organizations say it is fine to visit Japan:
> No restrictions on travel to Japan
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
International Maritime Organization (IMO)
World Meteorological Organizattion (WMO)
> No restrictions on air travel to Japan
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
> Travel advice
World Health Organization (WHO)
> IAEA Update on Japan Earthquake
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Blackout Information
Blackout information by area in the Kanto area, including Tokyo.
> Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)

Telephone or translation services for travellers from overseas
- Multilingual telephone service for travellers in Tohoku region
- Skype/MSN Messenger Hotline for non Japanese Speaking Disaster Victims (Open 24/7)
- Volunteer Interpreters for Earthquake Aftermath (Japan Association of Translators)
- A Voluntary Language Support Team for the Great Tohoku Earthquake By The All Japan National Certified Guide-Interpreters Organization

Travel information in Japan
The JNTO Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Tokyo will be open for your telephone enquiries from 9am to 5pm (24 hours for emergency) until further notice. Phone +81 (0)3 3201 3331
Service in English, Chinese and Korean.

Information from airlines
Japan Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
British Airways

Information from airlines (Domestic)
> Japan Airlines
> All Nippon Airways (ANA)
> Air Do  (Japanese only)
> Skymark Airlines  (Japanese only)
> Skynet Asia Airways (SNA)  (Japanese only)

Air Transport after the Earthquake
>Japanese Air Transport after the 2011 Tohoku – Pacific Ocean Earthquake

Airport Status
- The main airports serving Tokyo, Narita and Haneda, are in service.
- Sendai Airport is still closed.
- Operational status of Tohoku area airports

Rail Services status
In order to conserve power, some rail services will be suspended or disrupted in Tokyo and surroundings.
> JR East - all JR East Shinkansen lines are to be recovered near the end of April.
   - Train status information - shinkansen
   - Train Status Information - Tohoku Area 
   - Train Status Information - Kanto Area  
   -Train Status Information - Shinetsu Area  
  - Narita Express is in operation between Narita Airport and major stations in Tokyo Metropolitan area with a special schedule.
> JR Central (Japanese only)
   - Tokaido Shinkansen is in service.
> Operational status of train services in Tohoku and Kanto
> Operational status under the rolling blackouts - Tokyo Metropolitan Area

> JR and Private railways in Hokkaido, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu.
   - All the train services are operating.

Airport Limousine Bus Services status
> Airport Limousine Bus Services from/to Narita Airport are available, except for the Shin Urayasu Area and Disney Resort Area (Oriental Hotel service is partly operating).
- Some services in other areas will be cancelled.
> Airport Limousine Bus Services from/to Haneda Airport are available except the following areas;
- Disney Resort Area and Shin Urayasu Area (Oriental Hotel service is partly working)
- Some services will be cancelled in other areas.

For more information on the Airport Limousine Bus Service please see here.

Bus Information
> Operational Status for Express Bus from/to Tohoku Area

Ferry Information
> Operational Status of ferries in the Tohoku Area

Regarding donations
For donations to the Japan Earthquake appeal, please visit the following sites
British Red Cross
Save the Children
Japan Society
Doctors Without Boarders
InsideJapan Tours Tsunami Relief Fund
For more on what you can do to help, please click here.

Locating People
・Japan Red Cross Family Link
・Google Person Finder

The information above may change without notice. Travellers are recommended to keep up-to-date via live news broadcasts, the internet and by directly contacting their travel providers.

More information can be found on JNTO's Tokyo Office website.

JNTO London

JNTO London

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