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Nebuta Matsuri

In cities, large and small, as well as in rural villages, grand festivals known as matsuri - some of religious significance and others to honour historical people or events — are held throughout the four seasons.


Find out where to experience traditional cultural pursuits including tea ceremony, sumo, ikebana, Zen meditation, karate and kabuki.


With its long history, traditional culture and beautiful nature, Japan has thirteen locations registered as World Heritage Sites. Find out all about them here...


Matsue Castle


By Lee Langley

The first time I went to Japan I was given a list of things I must be sure to see: Buddhist temples, zen gardens, Shinto shrines, torii gates, samurai houses… Nobody mentioned castles. It was only by chance that, on the shinkansen from Kyoto I noticed that it stopped at Himeji, a town with a castle described as the largest in Japan.

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