Enjoying Japan's Seasons

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Spring is when Japan's famous trees burst forth into blossom, beginning with plum trees in March and continuing to May, when the last cherry blossoms drift to the ground in northern Japan. It is a beautiful time to visit, particularly for garden-lovers. Summer is a great time for beach holidays to Japan's subtropical Okinawa islands, whilst the autumn leaf season in October and November is a beautiful time to see Japan's temple gardens. For snow lovers, the Japanese ski season runs from December into May. Whenever you visit and whatever your interests – you are sure to love Japan.

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    Cherry Blossoms 

    Spring in Japan is associated with cherry blossoms. Since olden times, cherry blossoms have captivated the hearts of the Japanese people. The traditional custom of hanami is to visit mountains and parks with cherry blossoms and hold sake-drinking parties beneath the cherry trees in full blossom.

    Here we have a list of some of Japan's top spots for cherry blossom viewing.


    Autumn Leaves 

    Autumn in Japan evokes the beautifully coloured leaves. In this season, the mountains are ablaze in deep crimson. In Kyoto, there are many temples with gardens where you can enjoy the beautiful autumnal foliage. The greatest charm of sightseeing in Japan is surely the seasonal change, such as the cherry blossoms of spring and the crimson and golden leaves of autumn.

    Read on for a list of great places to enjoy Japan's autumn leaves.

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