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Mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and ocean – these may not be the first things that pop to mind when you think of Japan. In fact, you are probably more inclined to think of Japan’s metropolises. You will be surprised to know that more of Japan is covered by mountains than cities and this means there is no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

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    Japan has long been popular for its futuristic high-tech cities and ancient cities with exquisite gardens and temples, but its fantastic winter resorts have been a well kept secret. There are huge amounts of fresh powder snow every day and there’s no need for a helicopter to get to it – all you need is a lift ticket. Read more...



    With so many mountains in Japan, hiking has become a major activity for young and old alike. A hike up a mountain is a great way to enjoy the changing seasons of Japan. From the blossoming flowers in spring and early summer to the leaves turning in autumn, Japan's mountains offer exquisite scenery. Read more...


    Mountain biking 

    For something a bit more fast-paced and adrenaline-producing, mountain biking in Japan is the way to go. Outdoor fun and adventures do not come to a halt when the ski season is over. As the snow melts and the mountains show their face again each spring, it is the perfect time to jump on a bike and start exploring all over again. Popular cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto are also fun to explore by bike. Read more...



    For underwater adventures, head to Japan's lesser-known small islands. The Okinawa, Izu and Ogasawara Islands are perfect destinations for lovers of marine sports, including scuba diving, the crystal clear waters will reveal spectacular marine life and beautiful coral reefs. Read more...



    Japan is surrounded by ocean, and lined with rivers and waterways. Kayaking and rafting the waters of Japan will give you a completely different perspective of the countryside. Read more...



    Surfing may be the last thing you would think to do in Japan. You will find plenty of waves without having to travel too far. Kujukuri-hama beach is in Tokyo’s neighbouring, Chiba prefecture and is a rare 66km kilometre coastline. Kamakura in Kanagawa is another beach also close to Tokyo and is quite popular due to its accessibility. Read more...



    Japanese love outdoor life, and camping has always been popular among the younger set and those young at heart. There are currently more than 3,000 campsites scattered all over Japan, mostly owned and managed by public bodies.

    Camping in Japan (PDF)



    Fancy a few rounds of golf? You can do that too! You are never too far from a golf course in Japan. 

    Golf in Japan (Outdoor Japan's Golf site)

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