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Shopping in Japan

If you think that your closest shopping centre is big, you’ll be surprised when you visit one of Japan’s better 'Depaato' (デパー), some reaching as many as five to seven floors. Almost everything is on offer- it'll be hard not to come away with a bargain or two!

Shopping in Japan

  • Electronics in Japan

    The Akihabara electronics district in Tokyo.

    Those of you in search of what is arguably one of Japan's largest exports need look no further than Akihabara, a major shopping area for electronic goods and products.

    Dubbed 'Electric Town', you can buy almost every gadget you can imagine from games consoles and appliances to household robotics.

    Additionally, Akihabara is also home to a wide range of manga/anime related goods with shops such as Mandarake describing themselves as the largest manga/anime shop in the world!

    Finding Akihabara

    Akihabara can be found in Tokyo and is located 10 minutes away from Tokyo Station.   Akihabara Station is served by the JR Yamanote Line, the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, the JR Sobu Line, the Tsukaba Express and the Hibiya Subway Line.

  • Authentic Japan

    Authentic Garden

    Whilst giant malls are almost certainly worth a visit, some people go in search of Japan’s more traditional offerings.

    Smaller villages on the outskirts of Japan’s larger cities such as Osaka and Nagoya are home to local traders and artisans who can supply you with authentic Japanese products such as pottery, kimono, samurai equipment, and jewellery.

  • Aeon Lake Town

    Aeon Mall

    One of the largest (if not the largest) is the Aeon Lake Town shopping mall which boasts over 565 shops and covers 220,000 square meters. It was developed as an eco-project and is equipped with solar panels and a hybrid gas eco system in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The concept behind the centre 'Hito to Shizen ni Kokochi' translates roughly as 'people and nature feeling good together'.

    It’s no surprise with Japan being at the forefront of emerging technology that the Aeon Lake Town shopping mall is also equipped with Japan's first consumer ready electric vehicle charging station.

    Finding Aeon Lake:

    Aeon Lake shopping mall is located in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture.  Its closest station is Koshigaya-Laketown Station, JR Musashino line.

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